P6B’s Week by Abby and Amy

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We have had a busy week! This week we have been learning…


  • Speech marks in grammar, we learned that we take a new paragraph when a new character speaks. ” “
  • In French we were learning how to say Ma Famille, eg. My grandparents – Mes grand-parents, My aunt – Ma tante, My uncle – Mon oncle.
  • We learnt about the water cycle, we did a diagram and we learnt what evaporation, condensation and precipitation means.
  • In maths we have been doing l-lowest c-common m-multiples and our times tables. To remember them we played a multiple madness game, eg one person rolls two dice and adds the numbers together. Next you get 20 counters each and a board with numbers 1-100. When you add the two dice together numbers 1-100. When you add the two dice together you should get a number between 2-12 and that tells you your table. Once you have got your tables you are ready to start playing. We loved this game 🙂
  • On Thursday we went to the Peel down at the loch with two rangers to learn about animals living in the loch. We played two games called the stickleback game and the food chain game. After that we got into pairs and went bird watching, we saw mainly seagulls on the loch but there were other birds as well.
  • In science with Mrs Tulloch we were learning about renewable and non-renewable fuels.

By Amy and Abby    🙂