Autumn Fun

It is lovely to be back together again after the holiday, we have settled easily back into our routines and have been sharing lots of interesting holiday news.

We have had lots of fun outside this week as we investigate Autumn and the changes happening all around us.  We are lucky to have such a big outdoor space and we had great fun in the outdoor classroom.  We have collected lots of things for our Autumn table and children can bring in anything they find outside of school too.

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After our walk we worked in groups using a record sheet to note down all the sings of Autumn that we noticed.  We worked very well together as we learn co-operation and how to work together to complete a task.

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We have also been working hard in Numeracy this week, learning addition.  We have been working with a partner, challenging each other with tricky sums, we like being the teacher and checking if our partner has the right answer.

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We also had our first visit to the library on Friday.  Mrs Manlove explained that we will choose a book every Friday and take it home to read, bringing it back the next Friday so we can take a new one.  Some Buddies came too and helped us to choose a book.  They are also very good at reading to us.

Have a lovely weekend from all in P1B x

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