P1B Puppet shows and castle

Another busy week in P1B.  We now have a castle in our classroom  – all the children worked hard to build it.  We put our name on the bricks so that everyone knows who made it!  We’ve been playing in it a lot – lots of role play going on with knights and baddies, kings and queens.

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We have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs this week.  We have been talking about and drawing the ‘setting’ of the story.  We have been writing some words from the story too, sounding out as we write. We all had a really good go and Mrs Kennedy is amazed at how well we are learning our sounds.  We also made puppets and worked in groups to put on shows, retelling the story.  We are very good at putting on different voices for different characters and using props.


Later in the week, some of us decided to be judges during the shows – we made notes and wrote down scores – great writing practise.

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In maths we have been learning about gathering information and how to record it, using tally marks and pictographs.  We made a giant pictograph showing our favourite fruit.

We are a very creative bunch – during free play we have been really busy using lots of different materials to make signs and flags for the castle as well as masks, hats, bracelets and much more. Here we are with some of the things we’ve made. Mrs Kennedy is very pleased with all our problem solving, decision making and persistence 🙂



We hope you all have a lovely weekend.  P1B x

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  1. I loved seeing some of your puppet show P1B! What a talented bunch!
    Miss Baillie 😄

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