Bears and Porridge – P1B


This week we have had a very busy week.  We have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We made porridge on Monday – it was a big hit, 17 children said they enjoyed it and only 3 weren’t very impressed! Mrs Kennedy was really pleased that everyone helped to follow the recipe and tasted it. We have also been learning about where oats come from and Mrs Begarnie has been teaching us about what happens to our food in our bodies once we’ve eaten it.

Our home corner is the Three Bears Cottage at the moment we have been acting out the story as well adding to it and making up our own versions – lots of very active imaginations!  We worked in groups to retell the story by drawing the pictures and trying to write some of the words.  We worked very well in our groups, showing good teamwork  and we all concentrated well and worked hard.  Mrs Kennedy has put our story mats up on the wall outside the classroom, people visiting for parents night can have a look at them.

We have been learning the sounds p and n and the words in, an and and. We are getting very good at spotting the sounds and words in the books we read and around the classroom 🙂

We had PE with Mrs Reid this week.  She brought a huge bag of balloons with her and we practised throwing and catching – it was great timing as it was Cohens birthday and playing with the balloons was a perfect way to celebrate!

We finished the week with our Harvest assembly.  We were very active, singing lots of great songs with actions.  Some girls and boys from P6 came to help us with the actions, they were very good at it and helped us a lot.  We also read our reading books to our buddies on Friday and they read us a story too. We love buddy time.

Thanks for reading our very first blog.  We’ll write more soon.

P1B x