Fun and Games in P.E!

P1 – P3/4 donned their gym rubbers and put their creative hats on for P.E today.

The P1’s and P2’s continued their Better Movers and Thinkers work today, with the aim of moving and thinking in a more cohesive way. So far this year, they have been working hard to develop their kinaesthetic awareness and coordination through a variety of ball games. We have seen a huge improvement in the children’s skills over the first few months and have had lots of fun in the process!

Further up the school in P2/3, P3 and P3/4 we were designing new games and sports today, and teaching our peers how to play them. Each team worked collaboratively, communicating effectively and sharing their ideas to create an original game that could be easily taught to the rest of the class. The children took advantage of all the equipment from the P.E cupboard and came up with some amazing ideas for new games. I had to refrain from jumping in and playing them!

Well done P1-4! Have a look at the pictures from today below!

Mr. Logan