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Wildlife Woodpile Wonders

Create a simple woodpile in order to attract more wildlife
to the garden. Centipedes, ground and rove beetles are great visitors. If you would prefer not to have animals making your woodpile their home, you will need to raise the pile on a log rack or a foot or so off the ground.

What you need:

• Wood cuttings
• A shady spot outdoors
• A bucket (optional)

What to do:

1. Take some wood cuttings and sticks from
trees, shrubs or other herbaceous plants.
Logs about an adult fist-wide with the
bark still on are perfect.
2. Find a shady spot and pile the wood up.
You don’t want the spot to be too cold,
but the shade will help keep everything
3. Over time, the decaying wood will start
to attract insects and other wildlife into
your garden, a great way for your little
ones to explore nature in any space.
4. If you’re particularly short on space, a
bucket with holes in can be loaded up
with small twigs and leaves and it’ll do a
good job of attracting insects too.