The purpose of this blog is to provide a space where parents and carers can access appropriate learning resources to engage preschool children in the event of establishment closures. You can get off to a good start by selecting activities from the 8 curricular links to the right. Have Fun!

Book 4 Word Boost

Good morning to all, such a beautiful Spring morning.

Yesterday we had a welcomed visitor from the Lanthorn Library, Eileen Campbell. She actively engages with all the children present in the morning as she introduces Book Bug.

This week we are listening to a new story Salty and Button. The words for this story are: – Adventure, Rough, Peer and Enormous. Already children are discussing “real adventures” they have experienced at home. They all sound amazing that I’m sorry I wasn’t on them as I missed seeing an enormous lion, a spotty cheetah and best of all, climbing a “ginormous tree in the woods.”

The activity sheet is available for you to take home a copy (in the green folder) and to see what adventures you can do together… All the staff love hearing stories and telling us of things they do at home.


Busy Bees…

Another busy week for the Children at Simpson Nursery.  We have been continuing to learn and discover what other things bees help to produce for example, some fruits.  Ask your child what they have been discussing with the adults in the nursery you’ll be amazed at all the interesting information they have learned.  We have also been looking for signs of bees in our garden; with the money from our garden we plan to involve the children next week in selecting which shrubs we can buy to attract the bees into our garden.

The children have had the opportunity to help design posters for our plant sale. Look around the cloakroom and nursery playroom for them. They have lots of information on the sale times.


We have started our preparation for the end of term leavers assembly, please help us in learning the words to our new bee song by clicking on the link below.  It’s an exciting and sometimes anxious time for our children and we try to make it a very positive experience. There are activities and visits for the children and of course meeting their buddies for the first time. Please feel free to approach any member of staff if you have questions, it is important that all parents feel informed and at ease with the transition process.


Here is the link to Our Bee Song (please note, we are only singing the first three verses of the song up to 1:30).


Please check the cloakroom whiteboard  for dates as things are added regularly .

Monday 5th june- Newlands day holiday

Wednesday 7th/Thursday  8th  june – Transition days for P1

Tuesday 13th june- Sports day

Thursday 29th june  Leavers assembly  10am for morning children and 2pm for afternoon children


Snow activities to keep you busy…

Snow activities to keep you busy:

• Build a snowman or a snowwoman. Make sure they have eyes, a nose, a mouth, and arms.
Take a photograph of your snow person for your nursery friends to see.

• Snow writing. Grab a stick and write your name in the snow.

• Sing our snowy songs ‘Winter Pokey’ and ‘5 Little Snowmen’. Make up your own snowy songs too.

• Draw a picture of the snowy scene you can see from your window.

• Make a snow book. Just like you made your story book on World Book Day, can you make up a story about the snow.

Riverside Nursery’s Bird Watching

Hello everyone, we know that you haven’t been able to come to nursery today but we still like to keep you busy! Here are some suggestions related to our birds topic:
In the snow it can be very easy to spot any birds that visit your garden. Why not count the birds that come to your garden over a 15 minute period? To help young children keep track of the number of birds visiting your garden use small objects and a bowl. Every time you see a bird put an object in the bowl and count them up at the end.
We would love to know which birds visited your garden so why not draw a picture of them and bring them to nursery tomorrow?

19/03/13 – WOW What A Snowy Day!

Hi there! We know everyone who hasn’t made it to nursery this morning because of the snow will be very disappointed. Well don’t be too disheartened as this space will provide you with lots of ideas to keep you busy. Have fun together!

Making Snowball Truffles with Broxburn Nursery Class

2oz (50 g) Butter or hard margarine
2oz (50g) Cocoa powder
4oz (100g) Icing sugar

Press the ingredients together with the back of a spoon, this takes a while but eventually the mixture comes together and gradually changes colour.
Then add your choice of flavouring.

1tsp vanilla essence (for chocolate flavour)

Roll small amounts of the mixture into small balls and then cover them by rolling in desiccated coconut for snowballs. Hundreds and thousands or vermicelli for something different.

Cover and leave to dry for 24 hours.

Toronto Nursery Class Snowy Day Activities

The children at Toronto Primary School, Nursery class, don’t like to be sitting about with nothing to do for too long, so here are some winter activities to keep them amused if the Nursery has to close due to bad weather. (Click on the blue writing to access the activities!)

Simpson Primary Christmas Recipes

The boys and girls at Simpson Nursery have been making recipe books for the Christmas Fayre.

Here are two more recipes to try at home on a cold snowy day.

 Christmas Biscuits and Lollipops

Greenrigg Nursery Winter Ready Activities

Snowflake Science
• Black construction paper
• Magnifying glass
• Snow
1. Put a piece of black construction paper outside where it’s cold. Let the paper chill.
2. Catch snowflakes on the paper and look at them with a magnifying glass. Are they different from one another? In what ways are they alike? What shapes can you see?
Try to draw the snowflakes as they looked under the magnifying glass.
Continue reading ‘Greenrigg Nursery Winter Ready Activities’

Snow Fun at Westfield Nursery Class

Here are some suggestions for parents and carers to help keep your little people occupied in the event that Nursery is closed because of the bad weather. Have fun in the snow, keep safe and be ready to tell us about your snow day adventures on your return! Snow fun!

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