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A Fantastic Night at the Burns Supper

Over the last month Primary 7 have worked extremely hard to organise the Burns Supper.

The night was a great success and everyone enjoyed the food, dancing and learning about Robert Burns in true Scottish fashion.
Gemma – ‘It was exciting to see the final result after all the hard work we put in’.

Lewis – ‘ It was interesting being there as it was my first Burns Supper. The setting up was hard work’.

Toby – ‘It was amazing – I loved saying my part, the dancing was great and the haggis was very, very, very nice! I’m going to miss not being at it next year’.

Kimberley – ‘I loved doing the dancing and everyone looked like they were having lots of fun’.

Sonny – ‘I loved welcoming everyone in. I had a great time hosting the event, especially during the last year of primary school’.

Jenna – ‘It was really good fun and it was especially good that Dr Hughes was able to come along’.


Thank you to all of the people who helped out and came to celebrate the evening with us.

IMG_0948 IMG_0969 IMG_0976 IMG_0952


There was one raffle prize left unclaimed at the end of the night. The lucky winning ticket was WHITE 486-490. If you have this ticket please bring it to the office to claim your fantastic prize! You have until Friday 12th February!

Creativity in P6a

After another busy week in learning, our highlight has definitely been Wednesday’s afternoon of creativity.

In art we are exploring watercolour and taking a visual tour of the very beautiful and varied scenery of Scotland. Last week we began in the Outer Hebrides (and you will see our stunning seascapes in the school hall at the moment) and this week our journey took us down the West Coast to Glencoe and its dramatic mountains.

Our focus in learning looked at perspective and we made a pretty good job of it!

“I really liked art because it was hard” Azaan

“I loved doing our art because we got to use watercolour” Brady




We worked in small groups in IT to make our own computer games using the ‘2DO It Yourself’ program. The task involved making a computer game which would help us to practise tricky tables. The results were great!

“ I liked making the bad guy on our game” Tilli

“ I loved making my game with Rebecca and Sommer, it was so funny and easy to make!” Elliot C

“ I am proud of my game” Daniel









The Adventure Continues in P1b…

This week in Room 10 we have been continuing our Magical Adventure.  Thank you to all of the parents and carers who have sent in stories, boxes and materials for us to use!  The children are having lots of fun designing and constructing various bits and pieces as we transform our classroom into a brand new Fairyland for the poor, displaced fairy creatures!


“It was really fun when we were doing play and making the fire and the dragon but we still haven’t done the beanstalk and the swords and the shields!” – Alexander D


“I thought it was really fun painting the dragon!” – Katie


“It was super making the fire!” – Zach


“I liked doing the castle” – Kylah


“We made a fairy garden and we have little flowers in it and a Tricky Word tree” – Evie


“I like the fairy garden – we painted it!” – Kimberley


“The dragon gave us a present – it was CDs with books on them” – Katie


“I liked listening to The Lion King in the listening station” – Max


“I really liked painting the dragon and most of all I liked painting the head and the wings” – Emma







Outdoor Literacy in P2D

Thankfully the storms abated and the sun came out this week so Room 4 were able to create their nature characters – skogsmulles.  The children and parents had been very busy collecting all sorts of things from nature.

Greg:  I went to Beecraigs with my auntie and my mum.  We found pine cones, sticks and ferns.

Alyssa:  In my stepdad’s back garden there’s a forest.  We found pine cones, sticks and leaves.

Logan:  I think I went to a country park with my daddy and my mummy and we found grass that was moss and some leaves.

IMG_20160203_112321597_HDR IMG_20160203_112349276

This week the children worked in groups to put all their materials together to create their skogsmulle.

Emily:  Me, Greta and Reya were working in a three.  First of all, I drawed around Reya with chalk and then we decorated it with all the things that we found, like pebbles.

Lucy:  Me, Aimee and Sophia were creating a belt for our skogsmulle.  We put some leaves and stones on for the belt and Aimee wanted to put sticks on the legs.

Martyna:  When the wind blowed we had to pick our things up because they blewed away.

Alasdair:  We put stones on the leaves so they didn’t blow away.  When they did we had a person who had to chase them!

IMG_20160203_112451440 IMG_20160203_112843019

Rachael:  Me, Ellis and Alix were partners and we used moss for a hat and pebbles for a skirt.

Ellis:  We wrote ‘girl’ on the ground in chalk so people knew she was a girl.

Sophia:  I really liked Aidan’s one because I liked the sticks on it and the cones and the leaves on it.  It looked really smart!

Aimee:  I liked the hair on mine because it looked like it was in a pleat because I put little bits of grass to make it look like a bauble.

IMG_20160203_112629382_HDR IMG_20160203_112514269

Photos of the rather wonderful finished skogsmulles will be up on display for the showcase along with other related literacy work.  Come and have a look!

This week in P4a

We have been learning about Chinese New Year.

Isla – We made up a lion and a dragon dance and presented them to all the P4’s. We used a video example to help us think of moves. I liked when we did it on the stage.

Lucy – I liked doing the dragon dance because we had to follow the leader with our moves.

feb 032

Our spelling challenge in P4 is to beat our score from the previous week in our spelling test.

Sky – I think I will get 12/12 in my test this week because I was able to write my words with scrabble letters and pasta. I worked hard to learn my words at home.

feb 002feb 001


Murray – Well done to the P7’s for organising the Burns Supper. I enjoyed doing some of the Scottish dancing with my Mum that I learned in my class ages ago. I don’t like haggis or turnip so I just ate the potatoes. It was fun!

Superb Scottish Dancing from Primary 7

Yesterday Primary 7 went up to Bathgate Academy for a transition ceilidh. We had a great time taking part in lots of Scottish dances and we even got a Scottish snack while we were there too.


Casey, Freya and Hannah R. – ‘The dancing was good fun and the haggis bon bons were really nice’

IMG_0910 IMG_0920 IMG_0921 IMG_0922 IMG_0923 IMG_0924 IMG_0925 IMG_0931
Tyra – ‘I think the Home Economics department must have put a lot of effort into the haggis bon bons’

Andrew – ‘The first dances were much easier than the last dance. I found the last dance quite hard’

Sarah ‘I enjoyed getting to walk to the Academy, it was much better than taking the bus’

Gemma – ‘It was nice getting to meet people from different schools who might be in your classes next year’

Jenna – ‘ The walk was long but it was worth it!’


We have also been busy organising our Burns Supper which will take place next Thursday. We hope to see lots of you there.


A Dragon comes to Room 10!

Numeracy: Double Trouble!


“We learned doubles so that we could know what two numbers make, like 2 add 2 is 4” – Kylah

“I really had fun doing dominos because I’ve never played it before!  It was my first time” – Rebecca

“We picked a ladybird and counted both of the ladybird sides to see if they had the same number of spots” – Emma

“We had to roll the dice and see if we got the same number, we had to write them down and figure out the answer” – Katie






Our Magical Adventure


“The glitter dragon came to our classroom when it was lunchtime and said that Fairyland was gone because people stopped reading the stories!” – Zach

“We decided to make a castle in our classroom to make it into Fairyland so the dragon can live here!  We love him!” – Alexander D

“We are going to make a shoe, a beanstalk, a castle and a fairy garden for all the fairytale people!” – Harry Mc

“It was really fun making the castle and it was REALLY messy!” – Oliver


The boys and girls are really excited to make all sorts of cool stuff for Fairyland!  We have been having lots of fun being creative and using our imaginations and we can’t wait for the dragon to visit us again!








If you have any stories or materials that we could use for our ongoing project, we would greatly appreciate donations (or loans!)

Burns Supper Tickets

Tickets for our Burns Supper are now available for Nursery to P6 children.  A ticket request slip has been issued to each child this afternoon.  If you are interested in attending this event, please return the slip as soon as possible, as tickets are limited and will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

P6a – Our fabulous skiing experience!

Here are some photos of our fabulous ski course last week.


We learned how to put ski boots and skis on, tricky at first….

IMG_0752 IMG_0751

On Monday afternoon we were introduced to the ski tow. It was so tricky to keep our skis straight at first and then it became second nature – so many new things to learn and master!

IMG_0766 IMG_0768 IMG_0759   IMG_0764  IMG_0744

We worked at different heights on the slope as we developed our control and confidence.


Rhona and Ian were fabulous teachers – kind, patient and very knowledgeable.

What an AWESOME experience!

” I enjoyed skiing – it was new and a different” Azaan

“My highlight was moving up to the green. My challenge was to stop falling…” Elliot

” My highlight was when me Erin and Scott were going down the red in and out of the cones” Molly

” I loved the tow, it was fun!” Erin

” I loved going down the slope really fast!” Daniel

” I practised the snow plough at the yellow. I liked going up to the green” Kyle

” I enjoyed the blue. It was fast. I had trouble on the red  but I got better by practising.” Rebecca

” I really enjoyed skiiing because we got to go to amazing heights at the red! I could see Edinburgh Castle” Scott

” I enjoyed skiing. I found the tow quite hard but I kept doing it and now it’s easy” Zayn



Primary 1d

What a busy week we have had in Primary one with lots of new learning and fun games.

This is what we liked the best…

Holly- I liked making the kilts for our Scottish topic.

Lois- I liked learning about taking and enjoyed playing the take away sweetie game.

Sami ,Ethan, Kyle and Jessica- I liked playing the Hairy McacClary game practising two more and two less.

Emilia- I liked learning different Scottish dances with my partner in Gym.

Heidi- I really enjoyed learning all our Scottish words like ‘heid’ and ‘Shooders’.

Ellie and Bethany- I liked learning about money and playing shops in class.

Bora- I liked playing the take away game- ‘Cheeky Monkey’.

IMG_5271[1] IMG_5264[1] IMG_5263[1] IMG_5261[1] IMG_5262[1]

We are starting a new topic next week that will be linked to Fairy Tales so if you have anything at home related to this and would like to donate it or let us borrow it for the topic could you send it in eg, books, toys, dress up clothes.

The new topic will be a surprise until the first lesson so could you keep it a secret from the children and maybe send it in a sealed bag.

Thanks from Primary 1

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