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Room 1 Primary 2


We love taking part in P.E. activities and almost everybody has remembered to return their P.E. kit after the Easter holiday. With the better weather coming in we are hoping to do more activities outside so please make sure that the children also have their outdoor kit available.

“This week we were running outside to keep us fit and healthy.” Emma
“We played loads of games and I liked it.” Cameron W
“We ran about on the field practising for the croos country race.” Kara
“I had lots of fun practising the cross country.” Andrzej

Next Thursday there will be a whole school cross country event. The children should come to school dressed in their sports clothes in order to take part.

P7 Residential Adventure Begins!

We have all arrived safely at camp.  We had a lovely hot lunch on arrival, got settled into our dorms and are just about to head off to our first activity session. Weather is nicer here than when we left, fingers crossed it stays this way!  See you all soon :)


Miss Ferris

Primary 5 Room 12

We have been extremely busy in school the first week back of the new term.


Science. We were looking at micro organisms and their effect on food. We will be  storing food under different conditions and recording if this alters its appearance.


Klara G-“We did an experiment with cheese and bread.”

Aaron R- “I enjoyed the experiment because it was super exciting!”

Erin R- “I enjoyed gthe science because we were learning how Victorians kept their food fresh.”

Brady W- “I had so much fun in science when we put the bread and cheese in the bags. I also like the science coats.”


Leigha S- “I liked putting the bread and cheese in bags and putting it places.”

Ryan W- “I enjoyed doing the science experiment because I am looking forward to what they look like.”


Judo. We also had a judo session, where we got to try a new sport.


Euan O- “I enjoyed the judo because the games that we were playing like Patrick and Spongebob, tig annd all the games.”


Rothnie K- “I loved the judo because we where working on our reflexes and trying to get a partner on their back. Plus, my partner was Andrew.”


Callum M- “It was fun doing judo because it was hard trying to pull Azaan over!”

Erin W- “I enjoyed judo because my partner was Brady. Me and Brady laughed and laughed.”




Room 1 Primary 2A


Our new topic this term will be ‘The Romans’.
We are busy planning our topic and have lots of questions or things that we would like to learn about.

e.g. “Did the Romans have dishes to eat from?” Matthew
“Did the Romans have tables? Did they have trains?” Rita
“Did the Romans have toilets?” Rhys
“How many years ago did the Romans live”

We will also be looking to change our role-play area, so we need to think about some ideas of what we could do. This will be our homework challenge over the weekend!

By the summer holidays, we will be Roman experts and will be able to share lots about what we have learned.

New topic in Room 9

This week, we have been thinking about this term’s new focus – Under the Sea.

First- We spoke to each to find out what we knew already:

  • Sharks eat fish They can eat people as well. Some sharks fight.
  • Turtles, whales, crabs, dolphins, fishes, sea horses, electric eels, swordfish and starfish live under the sea.
  • Squids have tentacles and squirt black under the sea.
  • Puffs fish blow up until they’re fat.

Then- We watched an interesting powerpoint to show all the different creatures you might find.

Finally – We thought about what we would like to find out.

  • Does coral live forever?
  • How big are whales?
  • Why does seaweed wriggle?
  • How do electric eels do electric?
  • How do squids make their ink?
  • How do whales squirt out the water?
  • How do turtles pull their heads into their shells?
  •   What is the turtle shell made of? It feels funny.

We made the background for our learning wall using bubbling printing and collage.

term 4 week 1 032

We look forward to sharing our findings with you!

Note – The Primary One trip will be to visit Deep Sea World. Room 9 will go on Monday 25th of May. A letter will follow but please check your diaries to see if you can help us! Thanks.


P1 Room 10 Judo Taster

Today P1 had a Judo taster which was great fun.


A man called Jake showed us how to play lots of different games

Tunnel Tig

Lie on top of your Partner

Tap your Partner’s Toe

Tap your Partner’s Head





I enjoyed sitting on top of my partner – Ayla – Keira

I liked Tunnel Tig – Jessica

Enjoyed putting my finger on the ground and then on my partner’s head – Dylan

I liked tapping my partner’s toe – Daniel

I liked lying to top of Daniel – he wriggled to try and stand up – I kept him down for 10 seconds


Mums and Dads – the children will have information in their bag if you wish to go to Judo Sessions.

Pirate Ship challenge in Room 5




As a homework challenge we made pirate ships and brought them to school to test if they can float and hold a toy figure. All of them floated! We all gave each other total scores out of 20 for how well it worked, how clearly we presented it and how much detail it had. We had lots of high scores!

This is what we learned:

“I learned that if something doesn’t work first time you have to change it.” – Morven Hern.

“I learned that its a good idea to put a lot of detail into your model.” – Alayna Gulzar

“I learned that you have to be patient when making things.” – Lucy Russell

“I learned that its tricky to build things properly, but if you don’t it could fall apart.” – Adam Neary

“I learned that for the ship to balance it has to be the same weight on both sides.” – Layton Brown

“I learned that making things can be difficult if you don’t have any ideas and sometimes easy if you do have ideas.” – Thomas Lawrie


Mrs McCulloch (Ayla’s Mum) visits P1 Room 10

A huge thank you to Mrs McCulloch (Ayla’s Mum) for coming to talk to us about her job.

We thought up some questions before she came in.

What school do you work in?  Keira

Beatley School – Mrs McCulloch

Do you like being a teacher?  Ellie

I love being a teacher – Mrs McCulloch

How many children are in your class?  Katie

There are 5 children in my class and 5 adults – Mrs McCulloch

How do you help children learn to speak?  Ayla

They use different things to help them speak which I will show you – Mrs McCulloch

Do you give lots of homework?  Emily

The homework is a little different to what you do – the children are give sensory object to take home and feel against their skin. – Mrs McCulloch

Do you work in a big school?   Daniel

It is just a little school with 36 pupils in total – Mrs McCulloch

Where do the teachers have their lunch?  Cooper

The teacher have lunch in the staff room – Mrs McCulloch

Do the children get keywords to learn?  Logan

Some are given picture rather than words – Mrs McCulloch




Mrs McCulloch is a teacher in a school called Beatley in Livingstone.  Beatley is both a primary and secondary school.  Lots of things at Beatley are similar to Simpson Primary and lots of things are different.  This is what we discovered…..

  • In Mrs McCulloch’s class there are 5 children – we learned that the class is small because the children need a lot more support and help with their learning than we do
  • They have a timetable just like ours – with pictures and words of what we learn each day
  • They use something called signifiers – it tell the children where to go next – there was a smelly thing to say they needed to go to the toilet, a red plastic sponge to say they wanted to go to soft play, a maraca to go to music, a torch to go to the sensory roomn
  • Their homework is different to ours – the children get to take home sensory objects to see if they like the feel against their skin
  • Some children cannot speak and have to use their eyes to indicate what their choice/answer is. They use an etran frame to do this.
  • They have a blog sharing their learning just like us!
  • They have big red buttons to choose which toy they would like to play with e.g. the dinosaur or the ball that lights up
  • The children at Beatley celebrated Red Nose Day and FairTrade Fortnight just like us


Mrs McCulloch – we think you do an amazing job helping the children at Beatley – thank you so much for talking to us and showing us all the things that the children need to help them learn.  Beatley are so lucky to have you

Lost Property – Worth a Look!

We still have a large amount of lost property in school which is currently displayed in the reception area.  Please come in and have a look if you think any item may belong to your child.

Thank you

Primary 2A Room 1

Wonderful Woodland Gardens

We showed off our woodland gardens to all the other Primary 2’s.
“They were all very, very good!” – Ava
“They were really nice.” – Andrew
“Some were made out of twigs.” – Kyle
“We had lots of fun making them.” – Adam

We even had some insects that we had to set free in the garden.

Woodland Tree Pictures

“We went out to the playground to collect leaves and sticks to make trees. They were really good.”
– Kara
“It was really fun collecting the leaves and sticks.” – Cameron W.

Primary 2 Become Teachers

We also went to the other primary 2 classes to teach them about foxes.
“I liked teaching the other children. I was just like a teacher!” – Ola