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Dangers Under the Sea P1, Room 1

Spring has sprung in P5

Today we were drawing still life pictures in Art. We drew pictures of daffodils in a glass bottle.

Lily – I enjoyed drawing the daffodils because I got a good angle to look at.

Ruby – I liked drawing the daffodils because it was fun and exciting.

Sophie – I enjoyed drawing the daffodils because I haven’t had the chance to do it before.

Maddox – It was interesting and a great experience.

Here are some of our finished pictures. What do you think of our fantastic drawings?


Primary 6/5 News


As part of our art studies we have been looking at the work of Lowry and have started to sketch pictures of our own.

Ben – When we were doing the art work the hard thing was to sketch the picture because some parts were hard to draw.

Lewis – Doing the drawing was fun but you needed to be careful and put lots of detail in.

Sean – The Lowry pictures were really hard because you had to draw people.

P5 News Update

P2B Explores Wildlife in the Garden

Primary 2B enjoyed going into the school garden on Monday 10th to explore the wildlife and hang up their bird feeders they had made.

I seen a fly – Aiyanna

I enjoyed hanging up my bird feeder – Hannah

When we were hanging up the bird feeders we saw lots of midges – Sally

I saw birds and a bird house – Baylie

The Biggest Book Show on Earth – P4K

Primary 4K and P4P went on a trip to Glasgow to take part in The Biggest Book Show on Earth, celebrating World Book Day. The class was very excited, especially as we went on a coach!

At the event, we heard five authors talk about their books and what inspires them. They were: Laura Dockrill, Steve Cole, Emily Gravett, Jill Murphy and Julia Donaldson. They also give us advice on how to be great writer. Emily Gravett asked us to help her write a story about a zombie and we contributed to a song by Julia Donaldson.

The girls and boys who brought a book by Julia Donaldson or Jill Murphy were lucky enough to get it signed by the author! They even wrote the children’s names in the inside cover.

Thank you to all the parent helpers who came with us and to the Parent Council for providing the coach.

 The Fantastic Fours “enjoyed Steve Cole because he was funny and creative.”

 “Steve Cole was very funny and P4K enjoyed hearing a bit of the Worst Witch.” Maths Magicians

 “I liked Steve Cole, as he was exciting and funny.” Erin W

Tilli, Megan and Euan “enjoyed getting their books signed.”

 “Steve Cole was very humorous.” Ridiculous Readers

 “I liked when Steve Cole called a chair a ‘zombie chair’ and when he sat down, he screamed.”  Andrew

 Who is your favourite author and why?

Would you like to be an author?

Nursery Update

Thank you to all the parents and children who attended our showcase and made our night fantastic. It was great to see so many parents and children participating in our activites too!

Book Bug started on Wednesday and had a great turn out. Just a reminder that this will continuing for the next three Wednesdays at 10:15 am and 2:15 pm.

Sign up sheets for the Stay, Play and Learn sessions for the ante preschool children are now up on the notice board in the cloakroom. A reminder that the ante pre children are those who are returning to nursery after the summer. The dates are 17th – 20th March for pm session @ 12:15 – 1:30 pm and the 24-27th March am session @ 8:45 – 10:00 am.

Children are looking in our garden and noticing signs of Spring ; Campanula Veronica, Tulips and Daffodils, as well as Snow Drops and Primulas which are flowering. A few of the daffodils grown for the Marie Curie charity have flowered in nursery and children have been inspired to paint some of these. This would be a great time to take your child/ren for a walk to look for further evidence of Spring.


We would like to thank everyone who came to join us in room 6 for our technology showcase. We had a great time designing and building our bird feeders and it was lovely to hear all the positive comments about them.

We were very excited about creating our fruit kebabs with a repeat pattern.

The magnetic challenges were great fun and Mrs Warrell and Ethan managed to create the person out of the magnetic polydrons – Well Done !!

We have made a great start to our new topic ‘Looking after the Environment’. We decided as a class to design our door with a tree and birds. Everyone created a bird and wrote a speech bubble giving advice on how to help the environment….

We could not stand on insects – Imogen

We could feed the birds – Murray

We could fill up the bird baths with water – Sally

Primary 2b have started reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory as a class novel this term. What sweet would you create if you had the chance?? A chewing gum that never loses its flavour ? Marshmallows that taste of violets?

P7 Technology Focus…

We have been completing a project in class with a technology focus. We have included many of the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ outcomes. We enhanced our learning through ICT, designed and created our own cereals and even tried them out!

Thank you to all the parents who came along to the showcase to support us and see all of our hard work!

Miss Holmes will tell us which cereal got the most votes next week.

“I liked creating the cereal because it was tasty.”


“We worked really hard but it was very nice in the end.”

Megan A

“I have learned that different combinations work well together.”


“It was fun because we got to create different mixtures of flavour”


“We learned how to make a healthy, tasty cereal by only adding dried fruit”


“”It was fun working together and developing new skills for the future”


News from a busy Room 5!

It may have been a short week, but Primary 2F have been very busy.

Dylan says, “We have been learning more about the Loch Ness Monster.  It’s green.  It eats fish! It lives in the loch.”

“We have been making posters about bullying,” says Mollie.  “We are stopping bullying from happening in this school.”

“We have been learning about bird houses.  They have to be safe for the birds and have to survive in the Scottish weather!  They have to be waterproof,” says Leah.

Petra says, ” We did poems.  There were some rainbow, sunshine, storm and wind poems.”  Petra chose to write a rainbow poem.  Here is Petra’s poem:

The Shiny Rainbow

I can make 7 kinds of colours

And they are really shiny when I go out in the sun

I can make people happy because it is sparkling

And move all around the world

I can go to sunny places.

We think this is a great poem! 

What is your favourite kind of weather?

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