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Primary 3c Room 7

Our first full week back at school has been very busy! We are settling into our new routine and working hard across all subjects.

For our topic this term, we will be looking at animals that live in hot and cold climates. We made individual penguins from paper, tracing the shapes, cutting them out and assembling them together.

Oliver- I felt excited.
Jessica- It was awesome making the penguins.
Tayte- The penguins looked cute!
Jill- It was fun.
Eva- I felt arty!
Kuba- I felt like an artist.
Devin- It was interesting all the different ways you had to make the flippers and wings.
Alannah- The penguins looked cool when we made them.
Anna- When the penguins were finished, they looked cute and great.
Hans- While we were making the penguins they looked funny, but when they were finished, they looked nice.

IMG_3356 IMG_3357

we have been looking at improving our mental maths. We will be completing a short maths challenge every week so that the are developing their maths strategies and responses to addition and subtraction equations.

Jessica- The maths challenge was hard because we only had 30 seconds!
Milly- I felt nervous doing the challenge.
Arsen- When I did the maths I felt excited.
Noah- It was fun because it was my first time doing a 30 second maths.
Logan- I hope I got four right!
Kiera- It felt fun when I was doing it because I do it a lot of time and I’m used to it.
Ross- Maths was good because we got to do adding.
Charlie- I liked the maths challenge because it took us 30 seconds.


Primary 1

Primary 1 have settled in really well at school. We have already been working hard learning lots of new things.

We have been introduced to the characters in our story books and will be getting our key words home next week to learn to read their names.

We have also learned the ‘m’ sound and have practised holding our pencils correctly when forming the letter.


We have completed an example homework task in our home learning jotters and these will also be sent home next week as additional practise. Homework tasks will be issued on a Monday and should be returned to school on Friday. Please keep all homework tasks in green bag and bring to school each day.

We have been placed into our house groups (James Young, Leyland, Bruce and Castle). A letter will be sent home next week informing you of your child’s house group. We also voted for our house captains and are awaiting the results!

Moving forward with our learning we want to learn how to read some new words and learn how to say and write some new sounds.

Miss McGregor, Miss Farmer, Mr Weir and Miss MacDonald look forward to meeting all the Primary 1 parents at ‘Meet the Teacher’ on September 9th at 5:30pm.

Our Summer Holidays

Room 4 have been talking about what we did during the summer.  Everyone chose a colour and drew their favourite part of the holidays on a roll of paper.  We put our drawings up in the corridor for everyone to see!


Reya: I had lots of fun at Burntisland.  I went to the beach.

Alyssa:  On my birthday I got a guitar.  My mum’s friend is teaching me how to play it.

Logan:  I went to the park with my auntie and my friend.  We played in the sandpit and we went on the slide.

Aidan:  Me and Dad were in the pool at Center Parcs and I splashed my dad.

Alasdair:  I went camping for five days and we saw lots of concerts.


Happy Holidays!

It’s been an emotional end of term at Simpson saying goodbye to our P7s and Mrs Maclean, our Head Teacher. We also said a fond farewell to Miss Allan and Mr Davies.  A special thank you to Gill Thomson, for taking our school photograph.

Happy holidays everyone, look forward to seeing you all in August.


Big Numbers in P1c

P1c were very busy bees last week, beginning the week with Sports Day – we all had a great time and were exhausted by the end of it!  In class we have been focusing on capital letters, using writing tools independently and exploring numbers to 100.


“We were practising our writing using rainbow keywords” – Alix

“We were using our Magic Carpet word mats to help us with our writing” – Sophia

“We were using finger spacers to help us make sure we were doing finger spaces” – Ellis

“Miss Farmer wrote my story on a whiteboard” – Marcus

“We were writing about a sea creature coming to sports day and I was trying to sound out the words” – Harry

“I tried to sound out ‘dolphin’ but I couldn’t so Miss Farmer helped me write it on a whiteboard’” – Emily




“We were playing Snakes and Ladders for learning numbers up to a hundred in maths” – Leo

“We had a big sheet and we had to write in the numbers that were missing all the way to 100” – Logan

“We were using blocks to learn tens and units” – Lucy

“We were helping each other out with the units in case we got stuck” – Ellis

“The tens are all stuck together and the units are on their own” – Harry

“We were making sums with the units and we made bundles of ten straws to help us” – Eliot

“The big ones in the bundles are tens and the little ones on their own are units” – Alyssa




Our trip to the Hive

On Tuesday we visited the Hive in Bathgate. We had a great time and would like to thank all the staff at the Hive and all our parent helpers.

Murray- I loved the food.

Luke, Holly and Nieve liked the slides.

Rudy said he liked going on the bus. BGFR445 (23) POI556 (6)NHT66 (14) NHT66 (1)

Creativity and Environmental Art – P1 Room 9

We took our art out of doors to take advantage of our beautiful weather. The task was to use flowers and leaves to create shapes and pictures in pairs or groups.

Expressive Arts

I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials.

EXA 0-02a


Throughout my learning, I explore and discover different ways of representing my ideas in imaginative ways.

TCH 0-15a

Take a look at our creations!

Kallum and Jason made letters from their names.

outdoor learning 001

Abbi and Leah used buttercups and daisies to create  lovely pictures.

outdoor learning 004

Isla and Lauren made a snowflake.

outdoor learning 009

Ruby and Maciej made a cheery smiley face.

outdoor learning 022

We hope the good weather stays so we can take the opportunity to take our learning out of doors some more!

Why don’t you do some environmental art at home?

Young Writer of the Year 2015…Room 6!


We all wrote a story with the title ‘My Teacher’s Secret Life’. 5 stories were chosen to be entered into the Young Writer of the Year competition. We were delighted and so proud of Melissa when we found out she was one of the winners! Over 8500 stories were entered into the competition so this was a super achievement for Melissa and for Simpson Primary School.

“The prize that Melissa got was a medal, two books and one colouring princess book.” Isla

“My name is Melissa and I was really excited about winning my prizes. I got a Rainbow Magic book from the Glowworm stand and a Princess Poppy book.” Melissa

“I am really proud of Melissa for winning and I am excited to hear her story.” Hannah

“I am curious to know what all the prizes were like because I have never heard of them before.” Sally

“It looks like Melissa had fun at the awards.” Lola

“There was an author there and she told everybody who was there about how she became an author.” Lucy

Maybe you could enter the competition next year!

Primary 5, Room 12

In class this week, we have continued with our Tourism in Scotland topic work. We are working in groups to plan a 7 day holiday for an Australian family.

Scott W- I enjoyed doing our topic because I got to learn more about Scotland!

Erin W- I enjoyed the topic because it was fun.

Elliot I- I found the topic fun but the ICT was kind of hard.

Zayn S- I enjoyed the Scottish Tourism challenge because we were planning a journey.

Yasmine B- I enjoyed the Scottish Tourism challenge because I liked the map and poster.

Ryan W- I enjoyed doing topic because we were doing a power point.


We have been writing our own similes in class, book reports & reviews and creating diary entries for a main character from our stories.

Megan D- I enjoyed the similes.

Brady W- I liked doing my reading because we done a book report. It was fun when we completed the worksheets.

Azaan A- The reading task was fun and easy.

Grace B- I really liked doing the similes work because I got to use ones like these: You’re as good as gold, or your room is as messy as a pigsty.

Elliot C- In reading we were doing diary entries. It was really funny because our book has diary entries!

Room 1 Primary 2

We have been learning all about sharing numbers equally this week and had great fun completing our carousel activities.




Nethuki – “We used cubes to help us share equally.”
Kevin – “I enjoyed doing the division activities on the SMARTboard.”
Adam – “I really liked the activities and my favourite was the SMARTboard game.”
Ava – “I liked drawing pictures to help me divide.”

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