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Primary ONEderful Room 11

We have worked really hard this week. As it was Money Week, we explored lots of coins with Miss McLaren.
Harris – “A 2p is a brown coin.”

We were practising counting along an unnumbered track.
Ellie – “We were frogs and counted our jumps on the lily pads.”


We have also started learning to write and form our numbers correctly using number rhymes to help us.
Number 1 is straight and tall, be careful though that he doesn’t fall.
Up, round down and along, number 2 will not be wrong.
Daisy – “We know how to write 0,1 and 2.”
A copy of the rhymes will be sent home so you can practise with us.

We have been learning some more sounds in phonics this week. We learned ‘e’ and ‘f’.
Niamh – “We watched Nelly the Elephant and made elephant ears.”
We also read the Rainbow fish and made a picture of him too.






Gregor – “We made our Christmas cards” The children decorated their own Christmas cards. These will be available to buy in various formats, cards, coasters, keyrings etc. Watch out for the letter to place your order.

P4 Money Challenge

P4 have been working in groups this week to estimate and use logical strategies to count money. Kyle was the first person to noitce that Mrs Davies was trying to trick the class by adding foreign coins to the amounts!  DSCN0023DSCN0017

Autumn is coming..

Hello to everyone, a quick reminder Parents Evening is on Wednesday and Thursday 13th and 14th.

The children have been busy learning about autumn this week.  It would be really great when you are out and about with your child if you could talk about the changes they see and possibly collect a few leaves and pine cones.

We have also been exploring harvest: reading stories ‘The little Red Hen’, learning how to make flour from wheat and tasting bread from around the world “It’s Yummy” said some children. shuwjsu (6)

The children and staff would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents for volunteering their time or resources; Olivia and Callen’s parents for their safety clothing, Nel’s mum for reading a story in Polish to a small group of children. More volunteers to do this in the future would be fantastic and children really enjoy this listening experience. Eric’s mum for helping out behind the scene with all the admin work. Isla K.’s mum for volunteering to check returned story sacks.

Our Rather Active Week in P6, Room 14

Tribal Dancing

In groups we thought about the tribal dances we watched in class and any other tribal dancing that we have seen in the past. Then we create 6 sets of movements in our groups to follow and do together making sure each movements had a count of 16. We thought about stepping, stomping, twisting, hopping, curling, linking, leaping, swirling and hands above head. here are some of our group tribal dances! …

MVI_0331       MVI_0333           MVI_0336

Money Week

In groups we had to plan a movie for Mr Alien.  His bank on his planet would only give him a budget of £800. We had to get him everything from props to sets to movie stars and to advertising packs he needed and not spend more than his budget. We came up with 6 different movies; Attack of the Aliens, Alien Invasion, Alien Attack, The Invasion, Alien Army and The Flying Saucer. We present our film planning proposals to Miss Bengharbia and she is deciding which film meets all the criteria successfully. IMG_0288  IMG_0290

 IMG_0291 IMG_0306 IMG_0308 IMG_0311 IMG_0320

Topic Research with ICT


In pairs we researched, made notes and then created animal fact files about different rainforest animals.

“we learnt how to put borders on pages” Chloe M

“I really enjoyed it” Fraser W

“Some of the animals were Toucans, Monkeys, Sloths and Snakes” Daniel

“We also put pictures into the fact file inside a text box with an outline” Kenzie

“I had fun writing with my partner and then seeing what everyone else’s looked like” Chloe L

Homework Grid Research

Over the past 2 weeks we researched and make a model of a tribal house – we had to list research findings, materials needed and say why design suits conditions then bring in our models. We now have a rainforest village under our classroom rainforest! 


IMG_0348 IMG_0349

P2 Book Sale Tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is our Book Sale for the Primary 2 classes.  If your child would like to buy a book or two, please allow them to bring some money.  All money raised will be used to buy books for the Primary 2 classes.  Please bring no more than £1.

Thank you!

Autumn is here!

This week in nursery we have had very special visitors in to see what we have been learning. Parents and carers had the opportunity to stay with their child to play and take part in nursery activities.


We have begun to discuss and look for signs of Autumn within the nursery garden. Some of our children have helped to display non-fiction books and signs. This led onto children starting a floor book on Autumn were they added their own pictures and mark making. Parents are welcome to contribute to our display by collecting some leaves, conkers and any other appropriate materials if out walking with their child.


A group of children have used the large building books to create a variety of vehicles. There has been lots of good discussion and sharing ideas through roleplay. The staff have added resources that the children have required to extend their play.


P1b Learning Update

P1b have been busy bees in Literacy this week; we are excited to have started blending our sounds to spell and read words.  We have been learning some tricky new keywords by playing a variety of matching and word-building games, and are enjoying demonstrating our keyword and phonics learning during group reading time.

Our favourite activities this week were in Science – having a lot of surprises and giggles while exploring our sense of smell – and learning more sounds to blend together in Phonics.  Here is what the children had to say:

Zach – “It was really, really fun writing our ‘o’s – I liked doing a picture of an operation”.

Evie – “I liked it when we coloured in pictures of ‘o’s and it was really fun”.

Maisie – “I really liked playing in the shop”.

Rebecca – “The smelly cups were really smelly and it was really funny”.

Katie – “I liked doing the smelly cups because I liked the smells”.

Kylah – “I liked how we were sorting the cups into likes and dislikes”.

Richard – “We passed the cups in the circle to sort if we liked them or didn’t like them”.

Emma – “I liked it when I knew it was vinegar”.






P6a Down in the deep dark rainforest……sharing our highlights this week….Room 13

We have engaged in table group discussions to share the learning we have most enjoyed and fed it back to the class. Here are our highlights:

Team 1 have particulalry enjoyed Rainforest Art – observational drawings of the plants and flowers  to create oil pastel scenes. They have also enjoyed creating fables about the southern cassoway, okapi and poison arrow frog – making sure there tale had a valuable moral at the end.

Team 2 have particularly enjoyed making board games with Mrs Keith and creating imaginary rainforest creatures with partners.

Team 3 and 4 also enjoyed being creative during Rainforest Art. They also enjoyed the opportunity to analyse pictures carefully and work at tables with other friends for a change!

Team 5 were enthusiastic about our PowerPoint task – researching and planning PowerPoints about a chosen rainforest layer.

Moving our learning forward some of the tasks will be engaging in will include…….

  •  having the opportunity to reflect on this week’s learning and build on it – adding creatures to our art, continuing to make our powerpoints and sharing our Fable stories with one another.
  •  ‘Money Week’  –  we will be engaging in some exciting group problem solving tasks linking to our Class Novel – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Amazing Anderson Shelters in Room 16!

World War II Anderson Shelters

This week we have been busy creating 3D models of Anderson Shelters. We have had to use our research to make our shelters look as realistic as possible. We had to plan our design carefully and make sure we had all of the resources we needed before constructing our model.

Here are some quotes about how we have got it:

Casey – It has been harder to make than it looked.  It was tricky finding all of the resources we needed.

Freya – It has been more challenging than I thought it would be.

Charlotte – It has been fun to build but it has got very messy!

Jenna, Alisha, Sarah, Catherine and Rebekah – Our favourite part was making the mud for our garden. We made it out of tea, coffee, glue and water.

Lewis – It was hard to make as we found it challenging to cut the astro grass.

Niamh, Hannah, Lily, Gemma and Amber – We have really enjoyed working as a group to create our shelter.

Take a look at the photos of us at work!IMG_0261 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0272 IMG_0273

P4a News


Ewan – On Wednesday we added up all the Dojo points and the winners of the Month were Liam, Emily and Baylie. Well done!

Hannah – Yesterday we had a project to design and make a windmill. To make it work we had to make the holes big enough so that wind could get through. I have a tip – put blu tac on either side of the windmill to hold it in place.

Sky – It was hard to make the windmills work. We had to make changes to make sure they worked.

Ivana – I enjoyed making pictures to explain what the Shanarri wheel is. I had to draw a picture about building site safety.

Ethan – We went outside to make venn diagrams in groups.

Baylie – We used the laptops to research all about Fossil Fuels and what it means.

Mrs Davies – Ryan and Kyle found a great video called generating electricity so we watched it together.

Ryan – (If you want to watch the video at home) Google ‘what is fossil fuels’ then look for the BBC website. Go to page 3 and look for the video a the right side.

Let us know if you were able to see the video.

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