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Primary 5 Room 12

We have been very active this week, with a wide range of different sports. We had our second rugby taster session prior to the rugby festival next week. We also took part in the Parent Council sponsored event for Newlands Day.



Tilli M- I enjoyed doing rugby in P.E. because it was fun running.

Euan O- We managed to play rugby. It was tag rugby. Still awesome!


Scott W- I enjoyed the rugby taster because we got to do a match and it was fun!


Sponsored Event

Erin R- I enjoyed going to the sponsored event.

Leigha S- I liked going in tunnels at the sponsored event


Brady W- I enjoyed doing our sponsored event because all of the different activities.

Aaron R- I loved the sponsored event because it was Minecraft themed.

Klara G- I had fun with the sponsored activities.

Kyle M- I liked the sponsored event because it happens once a year and it’s very active.


Megan D- I enjoyed the fun stuff. It was like P.E.

Andrew R- I liked the sponsored activities because it got you fit.

Alex B- I enjoyed the sponsor event because we had to do obstacles.

Elliot C- I liked the Minecraft event because it’s based on Minecraft and I love Minecraft.


P2C Roman Door

We have made our door into Roman Facts. – Aryanna

To make them we used card. We wrote the question on the front and the answer inside. – Georgia

My question is … who won the fight against Romulus and Remus? Kai

We would like to invite all the classes to come and have a look at our door and see what you can learn? Zak


Room 1 Primary 2

Social Studies Curriculum Showcase

We have had lots of fun this week preparing for our Social Studies Curriculum Showcase that was held in school last night. Thank you to all the children and parents who came along to support us and for the kind comments.

Korbyn – “We made Roman bread and it tasted good!”
Emma – “Lots of people tasted the bread – there was none left.”
Matthew – ” The SMARTboard game about dressing the Roman soldier was really fun.”
Adam – “There was ‘peacock tongues’ on the table. I didn’t like it.”
Will – “I had so much fun making the round houses.”
Fraser – “We made Roman pots with clay.”

An exciting week involving our parents in nursery

The week started with some preschool children and parents attending a PEEP session with Mrs. Lejkowski on Monday. This runs for another 3 weeks, 9.00am for morning session and 12.30pm for afternoon session.

From Tuesday we’ve had many of our pre-school parents stay for Stay, Play and Learn.

ASDE45 (18)

ASDE45 (8)


Our children and parents seem to have loved this experience.

Bora said she liked everything because she likes playing with her mum.

Zoe liked having snack with mummy.

Our parents have also commented

“It’s a great idea and really valuable to see the care, respect and learning that will help shape the lives of these young people.”

“Lovely nursery, lots going on.”

“Great to see my child play so confidently, she’s now ready for school.”

Last night many of our children and parents visited nursery and the school for our social studies showcase.

Lois said, it was good, I played in the cafe in the garden centre and bought a plant.

Zoe- I liked buying a plant

Kylah- I loved tasting the soup.

One parent commented, ”  really enjoyed our time looking around the nursery showcase. ”



Thank you to all our parents for the support this week. Our Parent Council still need helpers for the nursery sponsored event on Tuesday. Please telephone a member of Parent Council if you can help. We are also looking for helpers on the 9th of June for Sports Day and on the 16th of June for our trip to the Hive. EE2s have been issued for the trip, please return as soon as possible.


Primary 2 Room 1







Social Studies

We have been learning about the Roman army this week.
We learned that:
“lots of Roman shields had eagle wings on them.” Fraser
“the shields were more than one metre tall.” Kayleigh
“Roman shields were made of wood and they had 2 layers.” Ben
“shields were used by the army and a group of Roman soldiers are called a legion.” Nethuki
“Roman soldiers used the metal bit to hit people on the head.” Kacper
“We designed our own Roman shields.” Andrew

Nursery Learning

Art in the nursery

This week we have been bubble printing. Archie said “I was blowing, I made bubbles, I pressed my paper on top. It was good.”

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Social Studies

This week we have made invitations to invite our parents/ carers to our Social Studies showcase. We hope many of you will be able to come. We have continued to plant nasturtiums, sunflowers, carrots, peas and potatoes. Many of our plants will be on sale at our showcase. In our groups we have been planting cress or mustard. We are going to look after these and hope you will have a chance to taste cress or mustard next Thursday.

Zoe and Brogan have been playing in our Garden Centre role-play area. Brogan said, “I like playing with the dirt, look I was planting.” Noah is making his invitation in this photograph.

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Primary 2 Room 1





This week we have been busy learning about the Romans! We have worked hard turning Percy’s Hut into a Roman Villa and we love playing in it!! We have also been learning about the Roman army and made our very own soldiers to protect our empire. We also learned that the Romans used mosaics to decorate buildings so we had a great time designing and making our own.

P2C Roman Soldiers

We were making Roman Soldiers – Erin
We were learning what Roman Soldiers wear – Harry
The armour is made from metal – Zander
The armourstops the weapons – Aryanna
We stuck tinfoil to show the armour is shiny – Kathy



P1 Room 10 Cross Country Run

Om Thursday, P1 took part in the school’s Cross Country Event.  The Cross Country Run was very very very long  BUT we all managed!!

Running keeps us fit and healthy and it was great fun.  Here are some of our thoughts:-


We liked the Cross Country – Aaron

It was hard work – Katie

We ran very fast – Emily

It was very tiring – Daniel

We all ran together – Neve

Thank you to the P7s and P6s and teachers for helping us – Cora

It was good fun – Dylan

We all enjoyed it – Ellie






Congratulations to our winners for their amazing effort


1st    Finlay

2nd  Daniel

3rd   Dylan



1st     Leah

2nd   Tilly

3rd    Emily


As part of Road Safety Week we spoke about the importance of safety rules.  We watched a video about 2 boys playing with their ball near the road.   We thought this was dangerous.  In the first video the boy went to fetch the ball and had a terrible accident.  However, in the second video the boy did the right thing and got his friend’s mum to go and get the ball.  The children have been asked to talk to parents at home about playing with balls and where it is safe to do so.  We want everyone to be safe when playing.


Scottish Road Safety Week – P1 Room 9

As part of Scottish Road Safety Week, we have been sharing what we know about staying safe on and near roads and making sure we remember our Green Cross Code.

“Press the button and wait for the green man.” Maciej

“Don’t run across the road.” Kallum

“Hold a grown up’s hand.” Zaina

“Look for a safe place to cross” Abbi

“Use the green cross code” Leah

We took our learning outside and practised crossing safely with the green man remembering to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.This helped us remember other important safety ideas:

road safety 002 road safety 003 road safety 004

“Check your feet are on the pavement. Take one step back.” Lauren

road safety 005

“I was a parked car.” Harry

“If you have to go between parked cars, only do it if you are WITH AN ADULT.” Molly

“Go to the edge of the car  so you can see passed it and STOP, LOOK LISTEN and THINK.” Lauren

“You should really find a safer place to cross like the green man.” Leah

Good work Room 9 and stay safe – Wester Inch is a very busy place.