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Last Blog of the Term from P1C.



Lily remembered learning about ‘qu’ this week. “We learned some words with qu in. Barbeque, queen, quick, and quack.”

“Me and Julia did writing.” – Agata. They wrote about going to the park together. Rudy wrote a lovely story about penguins on the ice caps.

We have started writing for our competition this week. Zuzia, Alexander, and Lucy wrote some fabulous ones. We will finish off the others after the holidays.



“We were doing adding” said Ted. We have started to use a new website called ‘doorway online’. Why not try it out for some new activities in Maths and Literacy.

“We had to add the long blocks together to see how many there were.” -Brodie.

“We watched a France Has Got Talent. My sister Bailey was playing trumpet in assembly.”


A quick note from Mr James-Watling:

Can I just say a thank you for all your kind words at parents evening. It was so lovely to catch up with you all. As ever I am always available at the end of the day if there’s anything else you would like to talk about.


Have a lovely holiday. We are already looking forward to seeing you!


P1C and Mr James-Watling



Red Nose Day- Simpson Primary School Staff-a-thon…..

It wasn’t just our children who were making their ‘Laugh Matter’ today, to help raise money for Comic Relief. Staff and teachers at Simpson Primary have been making their ‘Laugh Matter’ too and raising money for a great cause!

Stay Play and Learn


You stayed you played and you learned. The children were delighted to share their learning with the grown ups. Mums, Dads and grandparents alike were treated to all the wonderful games, stories, singing, role play and much much more. We hope you all enjoyed the experience and are super excited to come and join us again in the future.

Following on from  our world book day last week the children have been creating their own versions of the story of the Gruffalo. Take a look at our Literacy display We are sure you will be delighted with the children’s hard work  and amazing achievements.  As spring is slowly drawing closer the children have been exploring the structure of  flowers at the investigation station. They have also been painting beautiful pictures which are really magnificent.

Have you  booked  your appointments for Parents evening?  If you are having any difficulty with this please ask a member of staff for assistance thank you. We are looking for  empty 2 litre bottles for an exciting new project which we will  be starting in the nursery garden.  We would be most grateful of your help in getting this started thanking you in advance.

A Wonderful Week of Learning in P1C

It has been a lovely week in P1C and with the sun shining we went on a lovely walk around the school as well.

Literacy and HWB

“We have been talking about our emotion. This week we were talking about how we feel”. (Brodie) Over the next few weeks we will be having Leo Listens and Writing Lessons about our feelings.


“We were learning about skipping number counting” (Stuart) “You skip a number. 2,4,6,8,10,12,14” (Rubi). Brodie, Logan, Ted and Struan all helped cut out our new cards with their fabulous cutting.

“We were doing domino snakes in shapes” (Lucy).

Golden Time

“We were doing Golden time because we were lucky!” (Sam)

P2A’s trip to the Museum of Rural Life

An incredibly jam-packed and exciting day yesterday as we headed off to the Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride to see a real, working farm.  Take a look at what we got up to via our Sway:

Having fun on World Book Day!

This week in nursery, all children have had fun taking part in a variety of Gruffalo activities to celebrate World Book Day.  Have a look at some of the fun we have had!

A Victorian Experience

On Monday the 27th of February 2017 the P5 pupils at Simpson Primary School all had a Victorian school day.We pretended that we were Victorians and had to pay a penny.Some of us dressed up .It was hard being taught like a Victorian child.

 Imogen: I liked the experience but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time .

Sophie J: I liked the Victorian day but I wouldn’t like to do it again because I don’t like the teachers being strict.

Ryan O: I found it was strange because I was the teachers pet and the tables were in lines.

Sophie M: I think it was fun and would love to do it again but not live like that. It  was funny seeing my friends put on the dunce hat. That was my favourite day of P5

Cooper: It was very funny when people got told off because we weren’t use to it.

Tyler: I think that the day was good because I liked it how we wrote like Victorians , talked like Victorians and acted like Victorians.

Sandy: My opinion is that I really liked the Victorian day because I got to dress up and write in Victorian style.

Sandra: My opinion is about the Victorian School Day is that I ABSOLUTELY loved it because I tried my hardest to not get the cane or the dunce hat. And believe it or not, I never got any of these punishments. But if I lived in the Victorian period I would have had the cane or dunce hat almost every day. I would hate to live in that time.

Family Learning Showcase – This Thursday – All Welcome

We would like to remind all parents/carers that our Family Learning Showcase is taking place this week.

When? – Thursday 23rd February 2017 at 6.30pm

Where? – Simpson Primary School

This family learning event has been planned to raise awareness of our curriculum and the rationale that underpins it. We will have examples of learning in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing, across all stages and we will also be focusing on how we link curricular areas to create meaningful projects for our pupils. Skills for learning, life and work is a theme that runs through the learning activities that we plan and this will also be a feature highlighted as part of this event. The showcase starts at 6.30pm, with opportunities for parents/carers to visit all classes. We hope that you can take some time out of your busy schedule to attend and we look forward to seeing you.



5 Senses and the Body

Julia remembered that we were practising some older letters like ‘ee’, ‘ai’, oo, and ‘oa’.

Alexander enjoyed writing about things that had in the classroom. This week we were working on how things feel: rough, smooth, slimey, squeezy. We made some fabulous stories! We did some superb work on our 5 senses this week. Do you remember what they were?dsc00886


“We worked hard all week and so we had Golden Time on Friday!” mused Sam.

Last week we were talking about exercise and how it helps our heart. This week we started to look a bit more closely at the human body, especially the brain and even the lungs! dsc00887


Have a lovely weekend! P1C and Mr James-Watling

Burns’ Night and New Library


“In Maths we were making stories of 3,4, and 5. We were using counters.” – Sam and Alyssa.



This week we


“We were putting the squares in the right spot. We were making all the words.” -Effie and Amy.


Alexander, Brodie and Ted all worked really hard with the letter puzzles too.



New Library:

This week we put some new things in our Library. It was really busy this week!

“Our library changed. I was reading a vehicle book.” said Spencer.

Nathan was reading a book about letters.

“I was reading a book about animals and dogs” Struan.

“I like the tent bit the best”- Rubi



We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Burns’ Poetry

This week Julia, Joshua and Stuart all read their poem ‘Wee Rid Motor’ for the competition. To celebrate Burn’s Night we made kilts for the hall. They are some fabulous colours. We also did some ceilidh dancing and made up our own moves!

Miss McGregor was busting a groove as well!

Have a lovely weekend as always.

From P1C and Mr James-Watling

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