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Trading all over the world!

World trade rules are unfair and often disadvantage developing countries.  Today, Primary 5 explored international trade issues to try and find out how this has happened.

We were divided into ten groups, each representing a different country:

  • A most developed country (e.g.France, Canada)
  • A less developed country (e.g. India, South Africa)
  • A least developed country (e.g. Honduras, Kenya)

Each country was given an envelope containing raw materials (e.g. paper) and/or technology (e.g. scissors). The materials and technology differed from country to country, according to their level of development. With the contents of their envelopes, the countries were asked to produce shapes; each shape representing a monetary value they could redeem by depositing in either the Bank of Deas or Valentine’s Bank. The goal of the game was to gain as much wealth as possible.

It didn’t take long for us to discover that the contents of our envelopes were not equally distributed; some did not have enough raw materials or technology to produce any of the shapes. In order for us to do so, we had to negotiate and trade with other countries.

Everyone soon become extremely engaged in the game and there was a real buzz about the room. We were eager to produce tip top shapes and were very active in negotiating and trading with each other. However, there was some very underhand dealings going on! Not all countries were cooperative and helpful; selling resources at astronomical costs, counterfeit goods were being cashed in at the bank, there was dodgy trading at one of the banks and even some materials being sold on the black market by Miss King!!

The afternoon was a great success, especially for Canada who earned an impressive £22,000.  Everyone gained a better understanding of the situation Third World countries find themselves in such as Tanzania who only managed to bank £3,150.

Well done to everyone involved.

Puzzling Mental Maths

Primary 6b have been very busy this week working on their mental maths skills.

Lots of us find mental maths tricky so we wanted to find a fun way to develop our mental strategies.  To help with this we worked in groups to practice our fraction, multiplication and division skills.  To make this more fun, we worked in small groups to try out some new mental maths puzzles.  These included loop cards, tarsia puzzles and jigsaws.  We found this fun because we are working together and discussing different ways of solving problems.

Over the next few weeks we will continue practising

these skills and have some fun along the way!

St Nicholas Superstars!

Away to the BBC Studios!

Miss King e-mailed BBC Studios. She was hoping for a mention on Children in need, but she got more.

P5 have been raising money for Children in need; holding our own coffee morning, cake and candy and a show your spots day.  We produced own Children in Need show to explain how the Rights of the Child are at the heart of the programme.  The show included a Celebrity Come Dine with Me, This is your Life for our longest serving teacher, a visit to The Yard, a purpose built  adventure playground in Edinburgh for children and young people with additional support needs and even a visit from One Direction!

At the end of the show we were live on Radio Scotland with Fred MacAuley telling them all about our efforts.  Then came the exciting bit…

We found out we had been offered tickets to the Children in Need live show in Glasgow. We were gobsmacked!  So, along with Miss King, Mrs Buchanan-Coutts our class teachers, Mrs Brown our Head Teacher and Mrs Thomson our classroom support teacher, six of us

headed off to Glasgow.

We arrived at BBC Studios. We were amazed. The Studios were huge.  When we went inside, we had to wait in a few different rooms. Some of us got our face painted. Then, in front of everyone else, St Nicholas were called to go to the front seats. We felt like V.I.P`s (Very important people).  The stage was amazing – it was just like X factor. We were really excited. We were going over the rules and then the show started. Dez Clark was our entertainer and Jackie Bird was our host.  Jackie came over – we were to be interviewed for the TV show!

There were lots of performances. Some of them included: Susan Boyle, Nina Nesbit, the Children in Need choir and stars of Waterloo Road.  Finally, it was time to go home. It was well past our bedtime, but we were all still buzzing.  What an experience.

St Nicholas sing for Peace

St Nicholas Eco Zone

Primary 6 and 6/7 pupils at St Nicholas Primary have been using the school’s new Eco Zone blog to share the work they have been doing while campaigning to raise awareness of Fair-Trade.  It has all been very exciting!  As well as getting pupils, staff and friends of the school to decorate 406 flags to send off to the Fairtrade Foundation (and help smash the world record for the longest and fairest bunting) they are embarking on a really exciting social enterprise initiative, inspired by the success of their Fairtrade campaign.  View the pics below for a snapshot of what they got up to or visit the blog and follow their journey as they develop their social enterprise project.  https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/wl/stnicholasecozone/

P6/7 at St Nicholas

Primary 6/7 love their class Glow group and it has become an integral part of learning in our class.  They regularly use the discussion boards and links to other resources outside of school, so creating the Snow School area for them to access this week was an obvious way of keeping in touch.  I added a selection of challenges, discussion boards and a place for them to upload their snow photographs.  There is also the opportunity for us to link up via web cam in the Glow Meet area.  They have made me laugh – popping in to let me know they appreciate it and think it’s a great idea… but they’re far too busy with sledges and snowmen to do any real work! :-)

Reporting on the Auld Alliance

We used a web tool to make a newspaper clipping of reports that we wrote.  We think www.fodey.com is great fun.  It’s really cool to see our writing come out as a newspaper article!

Malawi Education Posters

Yesterday we made posters on Purple Mash telling people about education in Malawi. It was quite a challenge because it was the first time we used it and because we only had paint tools to use and couldn’t use photos or drawings.  We think they’re not bad for our first attempt but we’ve already talked about how we’d like to improve them. We uploaded them to Glow and peer assessed them.

Click on the image below to view our posters in the Auld Alliance Glow Group.

St. Nicholas Auld Alliance Web Stream has a record of 45 viewers!

Primary 6/7 at St. Nicholas Primary in Broxburn are cycling along with Alex and his team with an exercise bike in their classroom. You can watch the  pupils in the class cycle through a live stream in Glow, click here to access this. Today when Miss Burton got on our bike we had a record of 45 classes and people watching our bike ride, schools from around West Lothian and the Glow Team from LTS logged in to support her on her journey and we received lots of tweets. :)

Cyclist Profiles

A big well done to all the Primary 7s in Ms Allsopp’s class today, they had a very busy morning glowing. First of all they all logged into Glow for the first time, which was very exciting and investigated the new Glow Light.

Each home team chose a different cyclist. In their Auld Alliance Glow Group they used web links to research their cyclist. Then they used Purple Mash to make a profile and uploaded this onto Glow. Finally they used a Discussion Board to peer assess each others profile cards. You can view their work by clicking here.

One  hometeam used Purple Mash to make a newspaper article about their visit to Howden Park Centre on Friday to wish Alex and the team farewell. You can view the article by clicking here.

They also watched Primary 6/7 at St. Nicholas Primary who started their bike ride today. We recognised Robbie from the Glow Meet last week. You can also watch the class cycling live by clicking here.

A big well done to Primary 7 …  An excellent morning Glowing! :)

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