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Seafield PS Remembrance Assembly

Primary 4/5 did an Assembly for Remembrance Day.The children enjoyed learning about the history connected to Remembrance Day. They all worked very hard and were proud of their achievements. Cameron said it was hard work.

Ricksen said it was heartbreaking and was moved to tears by the song by Terry Kelly “A Pittance of Time”. Leon said it was awesome.

Seafield Primary 7 Athletics Festival 2013

Last Thursday the P6/7 class of Seafield Primary participated in the Athletics festival run by the Active Sports unit. The pupils loved taking part in all 8 different activities and learned many new skills such as how to throw a shot-put and how to maintain perseverance in sport.

The girls relay team came in second and the boys came in first meaning our school came in overall second out of all 5 schools.

Well done, Seafield!

Shape Building at Seafield

Today Primary 6/7 had Sharon from Construction Scotland come visit and work with them. They used some engineering skills and cooperation to create a MASSIVE tetrahedron in the main hall. The children worked successfully in teams to use 384 dowling rods and turn them into a 4 meter high construction.

The children’s comments ranged from, “Loving it!” to “Awesome”.

All classes were invited to see the completed construction and were amazed how quickly the children successfully completed the task.

Zombies take over in TLC

The children in TLC learned how Make Up Artists create Special Effect Make Up for the movies and then they created their own. They look very real and very scary!

V.E. Day Celebrations at Knightsridge Primary School

Since August, P7’s at Knightsridge Primary School have been learning about World War 2.

To mark the end of their interdisciplinary learning and to discover more about how people celebrated the end of war, the pupils planned, organised and ran a V.E. Day Celebration for parents, carers, family and friends.

The children learned about V.E. Day celebrations around Great Britain at the end of the Second World War and decided to hold a version of a street party in the open area. They learned about wartime recipes and had a go at baking eggless sponges, trench cake and carrot cookies.

P7 were also keen to share their learning with the visitors and set up stations in classrooms where people could take part in a range of activities including: code-cracking, a game of battleships, rationing food, designing a propoganda poster, matching wartime aircraft and learning about make do and mend. The children also sang two songs that were popular during WW2.

The afternoon was a great success with children and visitors all joining together to participate in learning. Visitors commented on their experience:

“It has made me think about how life was all those years ago.”

“The children were helpful and knowledgable and had obviously enjoyed the topic as they answered questions confidently.”

“I really enjoyed seeing the culmination of all the learning Primary 7 have been doing.”

“A lovely afteroon – I’ve learned a lot!”

“Children made me feel so welcome and their work on WW2 has been outstanding”.

Harvest Collection at Boghall Primary

This morning Boghall Primary held their harvest festival led by P3B. For a few weeks pupils and parents across the school have been donating food which will be given to West Lothian food aid and distributed through the food bank scheme. P3B pupils have been learning all about the meaning of harvest, acting out harvest dramas and collecting food from different classes. They even took part in some harvest cooking. After their fantastic assembly this morning, all p3 pupils were able to put the collected food into bags and take it across to Boghall church where minister, Chris Galbraith was arranging for it to be taken to the collection point in Whitburn, where it will then be distributed to families in need in West Lothian.


Money Week at Knightsridge

Here at Knightsridge Primary School we completed lots of activities as part of Money Week 2013.
Primary 1 were busy practising using money in their class supermarkets. They played lots of games to practise counting out money. Primary 4 enjoyed opportunities to manage their own personal account and make decisions about whether to buy or save. Meanwhile, Primary 7 investigated the differences between credit and debit and designed their own credit cards. Children were also set a challenge to use a budget to buy Christmas presents for friends and families.

Knightsridge EYC Money Week

As part of West Lothian Money Week we have been learning about money through a variety of activities. We played with coins in the play dough and we made our own piggy banks with boxes and various art materials. We also explored coins through cutting and sticking activities at small group time and we completed coin jigsaws. The part of the week we enjoyed the most was when we went shopping to Mrs Currie’s fruit shop and bought our own piece of fruit.

PT Network

PT Network    Tues 8 October @ Harrysmuir Primary

  •     Coffee and welcome
  •     Introduction and background from Janice Nisbet and Lorna Macdonald
  •     Dorothy Fleming, CfE Education Officer.

            Overview of West Lothian

            New Work-streams

            Documents worth looking at

  •     Janice Nisbet-

          Standards for Leadership and Management for Middle Leaders

  • Standards for Leadership and Management on GTCs website
  • The Professional Actions of middle Leaders
  • The Key Purpose of middle Leaders
  • Looked at 3.3 “Lead and work collaboratively to enhance teaching which leads to high quality learning experiences”
  • PTs individually self-evaluated themselves using nos. 1-6-ref to own remit
  • Discussed with someone strengths and next steps

Wilma Gordon will be looking at the PT Blog and adding information in collaboration with Janice Nisbet and Lorna Macdonald.

Planning ahead…….. Janice/Lorna have looked at your suggestions from previous meeting.

Possible areas……

Buddy system/professional Partner (November)

Child Protection-Anne Craig

Literacy strategy/Raising Attainment Team sharing developments/market stalls

New developments in Glow –Laura Compton

Sharing good practice./suggestions…………..anyone?

 Next meeting – 20 Nov, 4pm at Balbardie Primary. Mentoring by Lesley Henderson

Knightsridge EYC The Very Hungry Caterpillar Walk

This week in the nursery we helped to celebrate West Lothian Walking Week. We invited our parents, carers and families to join us in the nursery to listen to The Very Hungary Caterpillar story and to participate in some craft activities. We then made a human caterpillar and went on a wriggly wiggly walk around the nursery. After all the activities and walking we all had a healthy snack and tasted the healthy food that helped the caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly. We were learning about healthy foods and that walking and being active is a healthy way to be.

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