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Image result for star clipartStars of the Week Image result for star clipart

Class 1 : Everyone! dsc00100              Class 2: Jayden    dsc00109 

Class 3: Jordan              dsc00093                      Class 4: Kaitlin    dsc00110

Class 5:  Everyone! dsc00106             Class 6: Nathan    dsc00096

Class 7: Erik       dsc00094                                Class 8:  Zamir   dsc00102

Class 9: Casey   dsc00105

***Stars of the Week***

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These are our super stars of the week in Pinewood!!!!

Aaron in Class 1                 DSC03836

Kai in Class 2                      DSC03845

Nathan in Class 3

Aiden in Class 4                 DSC03834

Farhan in Class 5               DSC03847

Lewis in Class 6                  P9090013[1]

Connor in Class 7                          DSC03852

Reece in Class 8                            DSC03851

Tyler in Class 9                               DSC03850