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Autumn songs and Winter chilling

Autumn scales and Christmas Nativity

Playing scales on the glockenspiels in Yellow Class

The children have had fun singing about Halloween (5 Little Pumpkins and Hairy Scary Castle) and the different coloured Autumn leaves falling from the trees. Turn-taking and playing on cue featured and playing scales with glockenspiels and bells.

Heading towards Christmas, the Primary classes worked on the nativity songs for the Wriggly Nativity, including signing the words. The Nativity performance was wonderful and the children did really well.

Thanks to all the staff for supporting the practice, rehearsals and performance itself. The children all did really well and weren’t phased by the occasion.


Destressing with music

Destressing and relaxing with scarves and quiet music in Group 8

Christmas can be a lovely time for the children, but with lots of changes in school and out, it can also be busy and stressful, which I am sure many would agree with.

So during December in Group 8 and Group 10, we took time to create a calm musical experiences. With the lights low and coloured scarves and blankets out, it was a time to draw breath and be calm with no sensory overload.

Some of this was also included in other classes throughout the school. It was a great success and complements other sensory work that takes place throughout the school. Definitely one to revisit any time of year.


Scottish music

Next term we will focus on Scottish music and on putting stories and music together. There will be some old favourites and some ceilidh dancing to get us warmed up on the cold winter days. The seniors will continue to work on their National Qualifications too and build on their good work as we head into the New Year.

Snow Day Photos

Thank you to Leah, Christopher and Luke for sending in their Snow Day photos. They look fantastic. Your prizes will be sent home next week.

Fun on the Canal

Group 6 had a great time visiting the canal on Thursday. We met the Dougie and the team from the Bridge 19-40 Canal Society. This is our charity for the YPI project. We got the chance to steer the boat and we enjoyed meeting all the volunteers who looked after us.

Why not visit them and you too can have a fabulous trip on the canal.


Our Eco School Activities

Since Christmas the Eco Committee has been really busy working towards our Eco School application. The members of the committee decided to focus on improving the school’s ability to grow its own food and on improving the biodiversity of the school garden.

To increase our ability to grow our own food the school has invested in new raised beds and a large  poly-tunnel. Both projects have been a great success and the pupils are growing a wide range of food  such as carrots, fennel, radishes and potatoes.

The main focus of the biodiversity improvements was to encourage more use of the garden by local birds. The Eco Committee sourced three new bird feeders and decided where they should be hung in the garden. The committee regularly tops up and cleans the feeders and have been learning how to recognise garden birds so they can spot them when they visit the garden.

All in all it has been a busy but successful time. We are hoping to put in our Eco School application before we break for Summer so watch this space.


Pinewood Choir at Edinburgh Airport

Pinewood School Choir entertained visitors to Edinburgh Airport this week. They sang Christmas songs for almost two hours and raised over £500 for charity in the process, including a £250 donation from the Airport. The Charity Committee in school will now decide where the money goes. They did a wonderful job, well done to all.

Strictly Pinewood

Our annual event was a roaring success as once again our pupils did us proud. Videos of the pupil dances will follow shortly but until then here is a sneak preview of what our staff get up to after school as they perform Grease.

Canoeing on the Union Canal

Group 8 had a great time canoeing on the Union Canal. We have to collect and organise all our equipment. We all help each other to put the canoes in the water. We have to work together to paddle the canoes. We all had lots of fun.

Rafting at Lowport

Group 8 have started their Outdoor Education sessions at Lowport. We go on a Friday morning and our first session was rafting. It is hard work organising all our equipment but we all helped and had a great time on Linlithgow Loch.