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Wednesday 13th January – Home Learning

Morning Good Morning GIF - Morning GoodMorning GoodDay GIFs

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

Are you ready for Circle Time?


What about some maths?


Now, time for some movement.


When did last do any cooking?  Has it been a while? Why not try Cheese and Ham roll-ups!


Let’s do some jobs.

Ready for some reading?


Let’s have some sensory fun!

Are you very messy???

Time for some relaxation.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday 11th January – Home Learning

At-Home Learning: A Guide for Parents During School Breaks

Welcome to Pinewood Home Learning!  

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Hello Everyone!

Lets start the day the Pinewood way.

Circle Time!

Now that we are all woken up, how about some maths?

If you are really awake you could try the cup stacking challenge at the end!

I hope you had a go and had some fun!

After all that, it’s time to listen to a story, a monster story!


I think we might need some movement after all that excitement.


Now it’s time for some jobs.  Which job are you going to choose today?


Let’s try  some reading.

Are you ready for some sensory fun?


Would you like to make a snow volcano?


Let’s warm up by doing some Yoga.  We will start at level one, as you may not have done any yoga for a while!

Thanks to Claire whom you may recognise and to the rest of the CAMHS ID team.

Time for relaxation.

I hope you have a magical Monday!


Secondary Round-up 15.6.20

Hi Every-one

Here is a few photo’s of our fabulous secondary pupils working hard at home last week. Looks like you have all been busy again in the garden, the kitchen and getting lots of sunshine!

Look out for the Leaver’s Group Prom preparations, they have all being working hard choosing music, food, outfits and theme’s for their virtual Prom on the 18th June. We hope they all have a fabulous time!!


**Virtual Prom – Thursday 18 June**

Good morning groups 9 and 11

We are sad that we can’t have our real prom until it is safe.

But we can have a virtual prom together.  We have packs made up to post to you soon so that you can help organise your virtual prom.

We will all have parties in our homes at the same time and on the same date together.  We can listen to the same music and share pictures and videos of our night.

Your staff are very excited and are looking forward to having a party.

We are already thinking about our outfits and what music we would like to dance to.

Have a lovely day, Kirsty, Hazel, Jackie, Lauren, RoseAnn, Carole, Lesley and Terence

Transition Passport S6

Hello Every-one

If you are transitioning from school this year, you will have a copy of your Transition Passport to look at at home. This document will be useful when you go to a new resource and meet new people. It will help them to get to know you and the great things you have been working on in school.