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RME – 19/5/20


Eid is a special celebration time for Muslims  which happens at the end of the month of Ramadan:

Here is a word-mat to help you –

How do Muslims celebrate during Eid?  This picture explains:

Maybe you could try to bake some biscuits like these (with help from an adult):


Here is a link to a recipe you could maybe use:

Eid Biscuit recipe cards

You could also try to make a special card. Have a look at these children making some cards for Eid:

Finally, here is a short video explaining why Ramadan and Eid are special times for these children :


Have a blessed Eid!






Social Studies – 15/05/20

The Rainbow                 

Some of you may be very familiar with this image of a rainbow. It has become a very important symbol of these times with a lot of children from around the world placing rainbows in their windows.


However, why and when does a rainbow appear?

This short video might help to explain:

Can you remember all the colours of the rainbow?

This video might help:

You could practice learning the colours by playing the games on this website:

Here are some crafts for you to try:


For both of these you will need a paper plate or semi-circle of card (could be from a cereal box?) along with tissue paper, colouring pens or pencils or perhaps paint with some cotton ball clouds to finish it off.

You might also like to try a Rainbow Treasure Hunt – you could make a sheet up like this to help you:

Finally, we can’t end our rainbow lesson without hearing the most famous rainbow song from the movies:

Hope you enjoyed learning about the rainbow!

Linda and Ana.

RME – 12/5/20


May is a busy month for religious celebrations from around the world.

Wesak or Vesak is a special celebration time in Buddhism                                                    

that remembers the Buddha’s birthday.

To find out more about the story of Buddha have a look at this story:

Wesak Day is celebrated on the full moon in May and is the most important Buddhist festival.


To find out more information about this celebration, please click on this link to BBC Bitesize:

There are many important symbols in Buddhism, here are just two which you may already know: –


Here are some activities you could try:-

– an easy origami lotus flower made from a square of coloured paper

– or a trickier, but very pretty flower, made with different coloured squares

You  could also attempt to make some lotus flower designs from cup cake cases-

Here is an easy moon activity using some aluminium foil. Just crush up a circle of foil, flatten it out and stick it onto a background.

For a dharma wheel craft activity try this from CBeebies:

Finally, this pretty “stained glass” lotus flower is also a simple lesson in symmetry! It looks very pretty hung in a window for the light to shine through it, and would be perfect for Vesak celebrations.

You will need:

  • Black card
  • Pink tissue paper
  • Glue


Fold the card in half and draw on the petals of a lotus flower, using our photo as a guide.

Carefully cut out the pieces.

Glue a piece of pink tissue paper to the back of the card.

Hang your picture up against a window, or somewhere the light will shine through it.

Enjoy the Vesak activities!




RME – Ramadan 6/5/20


Ramadan is a very important time in the Islamic calendar, and Muslims all over the world will be  taking part.

Here is a link to some short videos on BBC newsround which help to explain about Ramadan:

See if you can match the words below with the following pictures:

neighbours exchange food                      crescent and star                    mosque                  Quran

dates                                                              woman makes donation       lantern                  fasting

girl praying                                                  men praying                              rug                         Kaaba

For more information, ideas and activities for Ramadan or indeed other subject areas, you could try to access the TWINKL website.

They have a free offer on at the moment for parents:

Once you have registered, use the following code – PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

Finally, you could try to make some colourful paper lanterns, which some children make during Ramadan – they can be very detailed, but for a basic lantern template, please watch this video:

Well done!

Social Studies Friday 1/5/20

One of our favourite talking points in Scotland is the weather!

Here are a collection of weather related resources for you to try:

Some ideas for you to copy:  (all from a website called “TwistyNoodle”)

Here is one of my favourite weather songs for you to enjoy:

If you would like to carry out some more research or tackle some trickier weather games, then follow the links below:

Happy learning!



Social Studies

Social Studies

Continuing with the Earth Day theme, this might be a good time to catch up with some geography games.

You can find lots of educational puzzles, quizzes and matching games on this website:


Alternatively, there are plenty of educational interactive activities to complete on this link:

You could try to choose activities based on the colours of the rainbow?

Or, simply spend some time on Google Maps looking up your favourite holiday places or landmarks.

Why not investigate some of the landmarks from the puzzle website mentioned above

– “World Landmarks Puzzles”    or search for places from some of your last school topics:

Groups 3, 4, 5 – you could try to look for Roman buildings such as the Colosseum or a roman aqueduct.

Group 6 – you could look again for the Stone Age village of Skara Brae in Scotland.

Group 7 – you could look for all the different continents and oceans.

Groups 9, 11 – you could look at some famous landmarks in Spain such as the La Sagrada Familia or the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Finally, a song to finish: