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Karaoke corner!

Welcome to Karaoke Corner!
Here is this week’s selection of favourite karaoke songs for you to enjoy singing at home. Remember to bring your shakers and if you would like to a make a simple, fun microphone click on here.

Do you have any suggestions for songs you would like us to post up on Karaoke Corner?
Leave a reply and we’ll post up your favourite songs as well.

Enjoy the selection today!
Warm up to this piece of fabulous music by clapping your hands and moving in time with the music.

Music with Connie

Hello everyone!
This is what I would like you to do today!
Let’s get warmed up to this fabulous piece of music. Clap your hands and move in time to the music.

Remember Nurtured Noodles – let’s sing Make a difference!

Let’s sing Chimany, chimaney Craney crow now – remember your chop sticks!

Join in with Round and round the drum!

Let’s sing some happy songs for the weekend!

Remember, your sticks for this one!

Now relax to this lovely music!

or listen to this piece of music. Do you know who is playing the piano?