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A place to find activities as well as lots of other exciting activities going on in Pinewood.

P.E. – 20th May

Good Morning,

We all hope you enjoyed Sports Day last week and hope you enjoyed meeting some new Friends.



Mira and So in particular wanted to say a big thank you for taking part and also …

Today we are going to continue with some activities from Mia & So.


Activity 1 – Warm Up Challenge
Mira and So would like you to imagine you are an Olympic Volleyball Player in this challenge. You don’t need any equipment, just a space to sit or lay on the floor and your voice or imagination. See link – Play Without Equipment – Challenge


Activity 2 -Jingle Jar
For this activity you need a small jar or tub and some dried peas, rice, lentils or pasta, or anything else that will rattle to make a noise. In this game Mira & So want you to use one of your super-senses. Preferably through touch or sound but you can decide. You will also need a blind fold for one of the players. If you find it too difficult don’t worry, you can ask if you can peek a little. See link – Listen Up or feel the vibration

You might have to change this game slightly but don’t worry be flexible. As long as you can shake the tub with the rattle for 10 seconds then that counts too. Can you do that 3 times each? or Lay on the floor with your eyes covered and guess what side the noise of vibration is coming from, maybe even guess what part of your body it rolled into.


Activity 3 – Become the Teacher
Mira & So think its a good idea for you to now become the PE teacher. They would like you to create your own active game. Have a look around the house and decide what equipment is safe to use. Will you play indoors or outdoors. Its up to you.
Here are some ideas to help –  Be the Teacher – Active Indoors Challenge


Well done today, you have been very creative!

Please remember there are lots of PE & Movement activities here on this blog and you can repeat any of these if you wish. Repetition is good. Todays lesson if just some newer challenges. Just do what you can.

Pinewood School Sports Day 2020

Hello everyone,

What an exciting day.  It is now time for Pinewood Sports Day…..

This year our Sports Day is going to be a little bit different but don’t worry it’ll be just as much fun. Our theme this year is based on the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games which has some Super Cool Mascots.

Lets go and meet a few of them….

Click here and watch me in action

Click here and watch me in action

Now let’s see what we have planned for today’s Sports Day…

We’ve prepared some activities and games that everyone can do and take part with their family, the Sports Day is based on the Tokyo Olympics which were scheduled to go ahead this year. But we are at home too and thought it would be great to help out at Pinewoods Sports Day. Let’s get started!

Activity 1: Colouring Activity

Mira & So would like to join your team. You only need one Mascot.  Choose your favourite Mascot and Colour in their outfit for the Pinewood Sports Day.

: Think about what you want to wear at Sports Day, maybe they could match your outfit, or you could match them…

Click here for the colouring picture of Mira & So

Activity 2: Creating a Country

  • Mira & So would like you to create a country to represent at the Pinewood Sports Day. We want you to use your imagination and come up with a cool name for a country, it can be a funny name, a strange name, the name of something you like and is up to you.

    : This task is for pupils and parents or anyone else taking part…
  • No country can go without a flag, so your next task is to create a flag for your country.
    You can use as many colours or shapes as you want, you can use collage, pens, pencil, labels, cereal boxes, whatever, anything you like.

    : again, this task is for pupils and parents or anyone else taking part…


Please take some pictures of the flags, mascot and country names to share with us and as always, keep safe and have fun.

Activity 3 – Game 1

  • Ten Tee Time
    Open the attachment “Ten Tee Time” and record your scores. Play with and against your family.

02 – Tokyo Ten Tee Time


Activity 4 – Game 2

  • Ten on Target
    Open the attachment Ten on Target and record your scores. Play with and against your family.

03 – Tokyo Ten On Target


Congratulations – Mira & So thought you were awesome today and hopefully you can send some pictures to your teacher. As a reward Mira & So wanted to show you a short video of their friends and Pupils in Tokyo.

Reward – Click here to watch Mira & So in Tokyo with their School Friends

Well done today everyone remember and send some pictures to your teacher.

Note to Parents: If you have any trouble today viewing any of the work, don’t worry, the class teacher has also emailed you the attachments. Also if you don’t have a printer, not to worry you can draw or paint or create your own pictures too. Sports day is all about being active, creative and having fun.

PE lesson 13th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you enjoyed last week lesson and today we are going to practice our orienteering again. Follow the link bellow like last week, watch video 3 and understand how to set your map, then try the games (video 4 and 5) and have some fun.

Remember in the cone grid game you can have a grid with any number of cones (or any other object) from 4 to 20 to suit your level.

The same with the musical orienteering game, you can use 4, 6, 8 or whatever number of cones.

Hope you enjoy orienteering. And you can come back to these games any time.

PE lesson 11th of May

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a good weekend are now ready to start a new week full of energy.

Today we’re going for an adventure in space, a star wars adventure, hope you enjoy it.

Remember to take in consideration your surroundings keep safe and have fun, also remember that with family is also more fun.

Just follow the link below and enjoy.


PE Lesson 6th May 2020

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to have an Orienteering adventure. Orienteering is the science of making and read maps.

Follow the link bellow with an adult or same one that can help and after watching video one try to draw a map of your bedroom or garden or somewhere you know well. If you really confident, why not go to for the house or maybe your street?

Let’s Get Started Orienteering

Once you have your map try to hide a “treasure” mark it on your map and see if someone can find it. Then swap places, ask someone else to make a map or use your map and to hide a “treasure” so you can find it.

Why not make it a game? Hide your treasure and time each other to see who is fastest to find them.

Once you tried that watch video 2 and try to draw a course on your map. Ask for someone to follow your course and see if they can, then change places again.

Again, let’s make it a game. Let’s see who can follow the course the quickest, if you make a mistake you add 5 seconds to your time.

You can draw a course in your garden, your house or if you’re really brave go for a course around your street / neighbourhood.

Hope you have fun with Orienteering and next week we will have some orienteering games.


PE Lesson – Wednesday 29th April

Good morning everyone,

Last week we worked on choosing picture cards for our activities. This week we are going with the same idea to let you get used to the activity. Ideally choose at least one new activity card to work to and learn.

I have added a couple of picture cards for the pupils to choose from today for PE.

1st we will start with a Warm-Up – Please Choose any 2 activities (1 new activity must be selected and you can use one youve used before) from the Warm Up Games below. Feel free to add your own choice of music too. Lets get going!!

Warm Up Games – Click here

Excellent. I hope you put in lots of effort and are properly warmed up?

Now this week we have added some Ball Games to chose from. However some of you may prefer to use Balloons, which is great. So feel free to choose what’s more suitable for you.
Now pick two activities from the below. One of the activities can be same the as last week but one must be new.

Ball Games – 7 Challenges – click here

Excellent work today, now that you are all sweaty having worked hard and had some exercise you can now relax and give your body and mind some rest for a few minutes.

To do so your next challenge is to listen to your favourite relaxing song in a comfortable position and close your eyes until the song is finished.

Not to worry if you can think of any there are a whole list of warm up activities and links to children’s music on the “Alternative to Movement” post.

Thanks for your hard work and stay safe.


1st April PE Lesson

Hello everyone,

For today’s PE we’re going to have a couple of challenges.  First why not going for a walk? Walking is a great exercise for your body and mind and it’s not every day we have this good weather in Scotland. To make it more interesting we can agree some challenges with our family like, count the trees we see, count the birds, look for bears and rainbow in windows, we can even make it a competition who can see more birds, trees, red objects etc. Just remember you should always walk close to home (no driving) and keep social distance.

Another great idea would be to Join Vicky community group page we’re going on a bear hunt, just follow the link:

When you come back why not try to exercise on a chair/wheel chair we have some friends that have to do a lot of things on a wheel chair, I wonder how it feels, could you do it?

Follow the link below to a web page with some chair exercises and see which ones you could do, if some are to difficult don’t worry just do the ones you can.

Have fun and see you after the holidays.