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A place to find activities as well as lots of other exciting activities going on in Pinewood.

Outdoor Learning – 1st June 2020

Good Morning all,

I hope you have had a nice weekend and enjoying some time outdoors in the sun.

For Outdoor Learning today we are going to play Rainbows. You may have managed to see a few Rainbows lately and maybe later in the week you will see some again. For Rainbows though we usually need a little rain first.

I can sing a rainbow - BBC Teach

Activity 1

Can you name the colours of the rainbow and sing the rainbow song? If not don’t worry try singing along to the rainbow song. Rainbow Song

Activity 2

In this activity we are going to head outdoors with an adult and get some fresh air. You can use your garden or go for a nice walk. When outdoors your task is to try and find something that matches each colour of the rainbow. If you want to challenge yourself you can ask an adult to time how long it takes or set a 10 minute limit and see how many things you can find in that time.

Activity 3

We have a supercool Science experiment for you to create your own rainbow in your house. To find out how just watch the short video clip and tray it for yourself. Remember you may need an adult to help. Rainbow Science Experiment

Activity 4

Can you create your own Rainbow of colours? You can be as creative as you want.
Maybe you will use flowers, clothes, pictures or even colour your own rainbow with pens and paper. This part is up to you. Use your imagination.

Note: Please remember when going outdoors that today will be really warm. It would be a good idea to have some water and sun screen on. 

Out. Learning – We’re going on a Bear Hunt!

Good afternoon everyone.

Are you ready for our Outdoor learning today?

You can choose one of these activities below to have fun.

Activity 1

Today we’re going on a Bear Hunt.

Pam thought it would be a good idea to start a “Going on a bear hunt” walk.  Have a look at this Facebook page We’re going on a Bear Hunt West Lothian to find more information about where you can spot the bear.

Let’s get outside and find out how many teddy bears and rainbows can we see in our walking.

Find below this sheet to help you in your activity.

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

My daughter has been busy. Look at our window.


Alesha is waiting

Activity 2

Build a teddy bear cave

Build a teddy den

If you choose to build an indoor cave, you can use blankets, chairs and pegs (to stop the blankets coming off the chairs).

Take your teddy with you and have fun!

I would like to see your photos about your adventure today.



Outdoor Learning – Time Travel

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you are excited about today’s outdoor learning?

Since we can’t get outdoors much just now i thought we could go back in time to 2016 and visit Pinewood School and  the surrounding areas in the local community.

Yip i did say back in time!!

Back To The Future is being rebooted - on stage, not on screen ...

So do what you can to pretend you are sitting in Doc Brown’s Delorean (car) and visit Blackburn in August 2016. (We will use google maps and the latest map you can see is from 2016)

Remember safety 1st. Sit back in your seat and make sure you are strapped in for our next great adventure. (pretend maybe by using a scarf as seat belt).

There is lots of freedom during this task however i will provide some options to help. I will list 5 places and the aim of the game is to use your computer and make your way from Pinewood School to those places listed. I have added a few links below and don’t worry if you get lost just click the link again and you will return safely back to Pinewood. Alternatively you can start at those locations and find your way back to school.
To navigate through the road maps you only need to move your mouse on the screen and click the road you would drive on. Remember its a card your driving so please don’t try and take short cuts through parks etc.. as it wont work, the car is to big.

Special Time Travel Locations
The places we are trying to find are:
– Pinewood School
– The Church
– Kim’z Cafe
– St Kent’s
– Tesco

And…….. if you would prefer to start from Pinewood School please click below.


Pinewood School,-3.6127653,3a,75y,321.4h,82.63t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sUIMLRBKCTyD9erUE4asOEw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Alternatively If you want to Start at the other locations and find your way back to Pinewood then please use the links below.

Remember: Do what you can and feel free to explore!


The Other Locations:

The Church,-3.6142239,3a,75y,352.92h,94.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sh35GunT6PsqLQ6Gzv7SIeg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

St Kents,-3.6333167,3a,75y,332.31h,84.69t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s92k3C0hZnSCueTAZy8yyJw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Kim’z Cafe,-3.6230154,3a,75y,345.8h,90.83t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4kestoSh_9D83FkYU29NcQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192



Extra Time Travel
If you are really good at driving the Deloreon then you will also see that the Blackburn Partnership Centre was just in the process of being built.

  1. Can you find out what colour the fences surrounding the building site are?
  2. How may people did you pass at the bus stops from Pinewood to the Co-op?

Most importantly have fun, be safe and be outdoors from indoors as best you can.

Enjoy 🙂


Take a break

If you need to take a break later on today you could join Blair Drummond Safari Park staff when they are going to do an animal feed on facebook –