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Eco-Committee Agenda – 29th April

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, 29th April, at 1:30pm on TEAMS (Sustainable Pinewood Group). Please, find below the agenda of our meeting.

Thank you.

Sustainable Pinewood Team

Eco-Committee Agenda 29th April


Eco-Committee minutes 1st April

Hi everyone,

Our Eco-Committee has been busy preparing and implementing lots of activities related to the Sustainable Pinewood and Eco-School project. Have a look at the minutes of our meeting, below. Thank you.

Sustainable Pinewood Team

1st April – Eco committee minutes

Thursday’s music with Connie – 21 January 2021

Welcome to Thursday Music with Connie!

  1. Warm up
  2. Karaoke songs
  3. Movement
  4. Relax

Warm up to this piece of fabulous music by clapping your hands and moving in time with the music.

Here is today’s selection of favourite karaoke songs for you to enjoy  at home.  Use some shakers if you have them, kitchen herbs and spices are always good or take some time to make your own MICROPHONE, to do this  click on here.     Enjoy the selection today!

Movement –  use the symbols for clap, click, pat, stamp and see if you can join in.

Time to relax!

Music with Connie has finished. See you next time.

Language Skills (Secondary)

Good morning everyone,

Please see today’s activity choices below:

Option 1 (daily activity) – Early Level

Senses scavenger hunt: hear

Make a list of a-z on a piece of paper and go for a walk outside with a family member(s); note down all the things that you can hear that begin with letters of the alphabet e.g. b – bird.

How many did you manage to get?

Option 2 (daily activity) – First Level

Sentence scavenger hunt: hear

Go for a walk outside with a family member(s) and notice all the things that you can hear. When you get home, write down five sentences that include a full stop, capital letter and connectives e.g. and, so, but, then.

 Option 3 (week long activity) – First Level and beyond


Each day this week, you are going to choose a different news item to research:

Read the article and then write a summary (the key points) of what it is about. Remember to include the following:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

Include no more than five bullet points. Ask yourself: will people be interested or is my message too long to read? Remember to stick to the key points.

After your writing, discuss the key points with a family member. Ask what their opinion (what they think) is and explain your own viewpoint. Try to give at least one reason for your opinion.

Option 4 (browse the web)

Explore one or more of the following websites to find something of interest and benefit to you:

Good luck!

Laura (Language Teacher)