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Thursday 21st May

Good Morning Group 6

Here are today’s activities…….


Here’s that symbol strip to help you tidy your room today


Maths – See what Clare and Steve have put on the Blog today, or try some Supehero maths at home


Fiddly Fingers  – Can you improve your cutting skills today

Story –  The Incredibles


Signs of the Day with Lorna

Music with Gordon and Connie

Sensory – you could make some sensory bottles at home today

Sensory Bottles for Little Ones | Infant sensory activities, Baby ...

Dance with Rachel

Have a great Thursday!


Language Skills (Secondary)

Good morning everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the Rainbow Hands activity yesterday. Have some more fun today with:  Alphabet Zoo you may need Alphabet mat

Also, you might like to do some reading activities: Barn Owls and Hedgehogs

Try creating some of your own fact files!

Hope you have a good day.

Laura Leathem (Language and Communication Teacher)

Wednesday 20th May

Good Morning Every-one

Here are today’s activities for you to try…..


Literacy – See what Laura has on the Blog today for literacy

PE with Pedro and Gerry

Story – I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato – Lauren Child

Signs of the Day with Lorna

Art with Steve – What is Steve drawing today?

Science with Sarah

HWB – We are looking at Superheroes again today. This time we are learning about the Superheroes who help us every-day. You can use your colouring sheets and the science experiment w/sheet with this ppt if you would like.

Have a fab day!