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Language Skills (Secondary)

Good morning everyone,

Our theme today for home-school learning is summer.

Here are some activities to choose from:

Read the following poems about summer (they may also give you some ideas for your own poems):

Summer Days

I’m looking for a hot spot.

A what spot?

A hot spot.

I’m looking for a hot spot.

To lie out in the sun.

I’m looking for a hot spot

To play and have some fun.

I’m looking for a hot spot

To hit a ball and run.

Oh, I’m looking for a hot spot.

A what spot?

A hot spot.

I’m looking for a hot spot

Now summer has begun.

 Anne English


Summer Song

 By the sand between my toes,

By the waves behind my ears,

By the sunburn on my nose,

By the little salty tears

That make rainbows in the sun

When I squeeze my eyes and run,

By the way the seagulls screech,

Guess where I am? At the ……!

By the way the children shout

Guess what happened? School is ……!

By the way I sing this song

Guess if summer lasts too long:

You must answer Right or ……!

 John Ciardi

Good luck!

Laura Leathem (Language and Communication Teacher)

Wednesday 12th August – Group 6

Good morning everyone! Lets start with Morning Circle.

Movement: Can you join in with the Music man?


On a Wednesday we have Literacy and PE. Head over to those sections on the Blog and choose an activity of your choice.

We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

This is our School

Hello everyone!
For those of you missed hearing or being able to sing This is our school at the whole school assembly this morning, here it is now. Join in with the signs that you have learned for the chorus. Have a lovely, happy summer holiday. Connie

End of Term Assembly

Good morning

Welcome to our End of Term Assembly. We hope you like it. It is jam packed with songs, video’s and photo’s of our staff and pupils. See if you can spot a familiar face or too.

Have a great summer every-one from Pam, Tracey and all the staff!

Take care

Friday the 26th June Group 6

Good morning Group 6. we have a very exciting morning ahaead of us as we go on our virtual class trip to the zoo. But first there is a whole school assembly. Head to that and then we can get started afterwards,