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Painting with your feet – Art

Helpful tips:  Be sure to not add too much paint – if there’s too much the paper will rip and you’re more likely to slip.  Encourage stomping versus walking, jumping, or running to decrease the likelihood of slips and falls.  Paint can be slippery – so be sure to be close by to catch your little artist if they need it.

A great activity to do outside when the sun is shining! Enjoy 🙂

Foil painting – Art

Materials needed: tin foil, poster paintings, brushes, cotton buds

This activity is great for working on fine motor skills and colour mixing. The foil gives a different surface to work on and the paint glides quite nicely on it. You can use either a paintbrush, cotton bud or even your fingers to move the paint around. A good tip is to add a little washing up liquid into the paint. This will allow it to take to the foil better and when dried will not crack and fall off as much.

Enjoy 🙂