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Red class – Tuesday 2nd of June

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Good morning everyone, did you enjoy the nice weather?  

technology – can you make a hungry caterpillar?

Can't wait to make these the week we teach butterflies and caterpillars!

dance with Rachel – I really miss not seeing you dancing and playing with the ribbons, the lights …


remember to help with the washing up but don’t get too wet!

story time

sign of the day with Lorna

Fiddly fingers


gardening – I have put together some ideas you might want to try

HWB – time for relaxation

I hope you have a super day!  Sophie



Red class – Monday 1st of June

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choose a job to help with.


maths – click on the link below

PE with Pedro



remember to help and to put your plate in the sink

story time

sign of the day with Lorna

art with David – remember to check what David has planned for you today.


outdoor learning – thank you Ana for taking us on a minibeast hunt.

HWB – 

Now for some sensory Deep pressure!

Here are some activities from our friends at OT if you think that your child would benefit from deep pressure.

Just click on the link below the picture.

click on the link below



I hope you have a fun day!  Sophie

Red class – Friday 29th of May

Dancing Hello

How is everyone?  It was such a lovely day yesterday!

Remember, on Fridays we always have assembly, check and see what Tracey has posted, it is all about Achieving Antman. 

what job will you choose to do?

language – can you name all the animals you see on this page?

watch and listen

now listen to this and guess what animal makes that noise.


story time

sign of the day with Lorna

food activity




Don’t forget music with Gordon and Connie


Have a great weekend, Sophie

Red class – Thursday 28th of May

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Good morning everyone,

life skills  – what job will you do today?  Can you help with washing the car?

Dad and Son Washing Car - Steve Seliger, LMFT


Color Matching Car Park - Simple Fun for Kids

do you have small cars? or beads? or maybe pegs?  look for objects at home and match them by colours.

now, why not listen to these songs

fiddly fingers – can you peel off sellotape using your pointing finger?

activities for toddlers


story time


sign of the day with Lorna

music with Connie and Gordon


sensory – why not play outside and try this…



Have a super Thursday!  I will be back tomorrow, Sophie

Red class – Wednesday 27th of May

Good morning red class, I hope you are all well and having loads of fun outside!

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language – what can you see on this page?  can you name all the animals?

Today is PE with Pedro, let’s check what he has planned.

story time

sign of the day with Lorna

art with David, what will you do today?

science  – let’s try this experiment with pennies


yoga and relaxation

I hope you have a fun day!  Sophie

Red class – Tuesday 26th of May

Good morning Red class, 


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What job will you do today?



IT – technology – time to build a very tall tower!


Top 10 Best Building Block Toys For Kids [ #toys #kids #parenting ]

Time for dance with Rachel


story time – 

Don’t forget to check the sign of the day with Lorna.

Fiddly fingers

8 activities to develop fine motor skills at home - Little Lifelong Learners

click on the link below for more ideas


gardening ,

it was so windy on Saturday and Sunday, there are lots of leaves and twigs in my garden, time to tidy

HWB – yoga and relaxation


And that’s for today, Sophie