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Class 6 have been exploring the earth

Class 6 love the slime and dough that has been made by Pinewood’s new enterprise company Blue Sensory Company

Fishy fun for Class 6

Class 6 have been busy learning about the new topic ‘Finding Dory’.  After watching the film we have been exploring ‘Under the Sea’.  We have been also enjoying Blue Planet 2 and watching the fish and other creatures.

mixing in the peas

dissolving substances in water for science

adding the different fish

cutting peppers and spring onions

our fish cakes

fish pie

lots of snow in Blackburn

exploring sound in the sensory garden

measuring capacity for maths

We bought the ingredients to make fishcakes and fish pie.  The children enjoyed smelling the different fish – mackerel, tuna and salmon.  We mashed the potatoes and chopped spring onions.  Dipping the fishcakes into the egg and breadcrumbs was very messy!

Class 5 enjoyed Science fortnight

we made Irish soda bread and turned milk into butter milk by adding bicarbonate of soda and watched the milk change

the flour was great to feel

they rose really well! and tasted wonderful

we enjoyed the challenge of building a tower with paper and paper clips

we planted potatoes in the sensory garden in Blackburn Primary School after chitting them

we grew cress to use in our egg and cress sandwiches

they tasted great – someone couldn’t wait to take theirs home!

Class 5 have been exploring seeds and harvest

Last term Class 5 enjoyed a sensory story of The Little Red Hen. In this story they had a chance to grind some wheat using a pestle and mortar.   They made their own bread hedgehogs and added seed spines.  They explored flour and water to make their own dough.  They tasted seeded bread and crackers.  Class 5 have also been spreading their own sandwiches and crackers. They also made marmalade sandwiches for Class 2 to enjoy.

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