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Outdoor Learning 15th June

Dinosaur Excavation

Good Morning Everyone,

For Outdoor Learning this week we are going exploring with ICE. What are we looking for? Well that depends on what you have at home. If you have some toy Dinosaurs then perfect. If not don’t worry you can use any small toy that wont be damaged with water.

This sensory activity will be working with water and ice and a very small toy, small enough to fit in a balloon. If you don’t have a balloon then you can use some small containers or tubs as long as they will fit in the freezer.

Resources that you will need

  • A few balloons (3 should be more than enough)
  • A very small toy for each balloon you have that won’t be damaged with water. Some ideas could be a small dinosaur, a Lego person, a toy soldier.

Activity 1

  1. Lets get started. Watch the video to give you an idea of what we are trying to do.
  2. Click here to watch video on how to make Dinosaur Eggs

Activity 2

  1. Gather 3 Balloons or tubs
  2. Gather 3 small toys that will fit in your balloons that wont be damaged with water
  3. If you want to be extra creative and want your eggs to be a different colour you may want to ask for some food colouring or glitter and add them inside the balloon before you add the water

You can see how adding the glitter makes the eggs look really cool.


Click below for some more pictures and help if required.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Play

Activity 3

  1. Stretch the balloons
  2. Ask for help to get the small dinosaur or whatever small toy you have chose inside the balloon
  3. Once inside the balloon we add water to the balloon
  4. You now need to tie the balloons to stop the water escaping

Activity 4

  1. We now need to Freeze the dinosaur or toy so it needs to go in the?
  2. Place the balloons inside the freezer

Activity 5

  1. Leave the Dinosaurs in the freezer overnight.

Activity 6

  1. Now that you have 3 frozen dinosaurs you can now “Excavate” them. Which means carefully remove some of the layers surrounding your special dinosaur or toy
  2. You can do this indoors our outdoors.
  3. Free Play with the Dinosaur eggs.

Some Ideas:

  • Hide the eggs in the garden and see if your family can find them or ask them to hide them and you try and find them.
  • Make a dinosaur swamp. With a bucket and some leaves and grass and add some water sit your eggs on top.
  • See how many ways you can clear the ice to get to the dinosaur.
  • Hide them round the garden and when you find them you can hatch the egg.
  • My Favourite game – Place the egg in the garden on some leaves and grass. Like a nest. Once the egg has Baan placed you can no longer touch the egg with your hands until the dinosaur is free. Can you carefully remove the ice without touching the egg with your hands? I tried this and used some water to put over the egg, I used both Hot and Cold Water. which one works best?
  • Remember you may need help from an adult when using hot water.

Have fun


PE – 3rd June 2020

Good morning everyone,

We hope you are having a good week and have enjoyed the great weather. Today is not going to be as warm so you can chose to do this activity inside or outside.

Remember before any activity we need to make sure it’s safe to play in that area. So today we might need to create a little space and need the help of an adult. 


Free Socks Cartoon Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...                           Sports Clipart Mickey - Kids Golf Cartoon - Png Download - Full ...                             Cartoon golf flag with hole grass field Royalty Free Vector

Today we are going to host the Pinewood Sock Golf Championship.

Equipment required:

  • 1 pair of socks
  • A target (this can be a basket, a basin, the sink or a bath (empty of course) or the Washing machine with the door open
  • Paper and a pencil to count and write down how many shots it took each player

How to:

  1. Roll 2 socks together and make them into a small sock ball.
  2. Decide on what the target will be. You can use a washing basket, a grocery bag, a washing basin, the kitchen sink (empty of course) or the washing machine with the door open.  Be creative, what else can you use?
  3. The idea of the game is to get the ball into the target in as few shots as possible.
  4. Try to create at least 3 different scenarios (Holes). Maybe starting one in the hallway, one in the living room or garden and the final one in the kitchen.
  5. if you want to really challenge yourself maybe start in one room and finish with the hole (target) in another room. For example start in the hallway and count how many shots it takes to get from your starting point until you get to the kitchen and finish with the sock ball in the washing machine.

Activity 1

  1. Clear some space to play
  2. Decide on the colour of your sock ball
  3. Make your sock ball

Activity 2

Practice the technique – Watch the video here

Find a safe space and practice your chosen technique below 10 times. Remember to count your practice swings.

  1. Technique 1 hold the sock in one hand and knock the sock out of that hand by swinging your other hand towards the sock ball and hit it out in front of you. (imagine your swinging arm is the golf club or bat)
  2. Technique 2 you can throw the ball or kick the ball (preferably throw if you can rather than kick)

Activity 3

  1. Agree on the target for hole number 1 then play and count your shots.
  2. Both players take their 1st shot and then the player furthest away from the hole goes next. This continues until both players have finished with the sock ball in the hole.
  3. Agree on target for hole number 2 then play and count your shots.
  4. Agree on target number 3 then play and count your shots.

Activity 4

  1. Add up the scores by counting how many shots each player took on each hole.
  2. The person with the lowest number wins and has become the Pinewood Sock Golf Champion.
  3. Say well done to the other players

Activity 5 – Optional

  1. Can you be creative and create your own trick shot. Maybe like the kids in their garden here?
  2. If you enjoyed this sock game you might want to try some of the other Sock Sports games.
    Sock Ball Games

We hope you enjoyed PE today!


Outdoor Learning – 1st June 2020

Good Morning all,

I hope you have had a nice weekend and enjoying some time outdoors in the sun.

For Outdoor Learning today we are going to play Rainbows. You may have managed to see a few Rainbows lately and maybe later in the week you will see some again. For Rainbows though we usually need a little rain first.

I can sing a rainbow - BBC Teach

Activity 1

Can you name the colours of the rainbow and sing the rainbow song? If not don’t worry try singing along to the rainbow song. Rainbow Song

Activity 2

In this activity we are going to head outdoors with an adult and get some fresh air. You can use your garden or go for a nice walk. When outdoors your task is to try and find something that matches each colour of the rainbow. If you want to challenge yourself you can ask an adult to time how long it takes or set a 10 minute limit and see how many things you can find in that time.

Activity 3

We have a supercool Science experiment for you to create your own rainbow in your house. To find out how just watch the short video clip and tray it for yourself. Remember you may need an adult to help. Rainbow Science Experiment

Activity 4

Can you create your own Rainbow of colours? You can be as creative as you want.
Maybe you will use flowers, clothes, pictures or even colour your own rainbow with pens and paper. This part is up to you. Use your imagination.

Note: Please remember when going outdoors that today will be really warm. It would be a good idea to have some water and sun screen on. 

P.E. – 20th May

Good Morning,

We all hope you enjoyed Sports Day last week and hope you enjoyed meeting some new Friends.



Mira and So in particular wanted to say a big thank you for taking part and also …

Today we are going to continue with some activities from Mia & So.


Activity 1 – Warm Up Challenge
Mira and So would like you to imagine you are an Olympic Volleyball Player in this challenge. You don’t need any equipment, just a space to sit or lay on the floor and your voice or imagination. See link – Play Without Equipment – Challenge


Activity 2 -Jingle Jar
For this activity you need a small jar or tub and some dried peas, rice, lentils or pasta, or anything else that will rattle to make a noise. In this game Mira & So want you to use one of your super-senses. Preferably through touch or sound but you can decide. You will also need a blind fold for one of the players. If you find it too difficult don’t worry, you can ask if you can peek a little. See link – Listen Up or feel the vibration

You might have to change this game slightly but don’t worry be flexible. As long as you can shake the tub with the rattle for 10 seconds then that counts too. Can you do that 3 times each? or Lay on the floor with your eyes covered and guess what side the noise of vibration is coming from, maybe even guess what part of your body it rolled into.


Activity 3 – Become the Teacher
Mira & So think its a good idea for you to now become the PE teacher. They would like you to create your own active game. Have a look around the house and decide what equipment is safe to use. Will you play indoors or outdoors. Its up to you.
Here are some ideas to help –  Be the Teacher – Active Indoors Challenge


Well done today, you have been very creative!

Please remember there are lots of PE & Movement activities here on this blog and you can repeat any of these if you wish. Repetition is good. Todays lesson if just some newer challenges. Just do what you can.

Pinewood School Sports Day 2020

Hello everyone,

What an exciting day.  It is now time for Pinewood Sports Day…..

This year our Sports Day is going to be a little bit different but don’t worry it’ll be just as much fun. Our theme this year is based on the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games which has some Super Cool Mascots.

Lets go and meet a few of them….

Click here and watch me in action

Click here and watch me in action

Now let’s see what we have planned for today’s Sports Day…

We’ve prepared some activities and games that everyone can do and take part with their family, the Sports Day is based on the Tokyo Olympics which were scheduled to go ahead this year. But we are at home too and thought it would be great to help out at Pinewoods Sports Day. Let’s get started!

Activity 1: Colouring Activity

Mira & So would like to join your team. You only need one Mascot.  Choose your favourite Mascot and Colour in their outfit for the Pinewood Sports Day.

: Think about what you want to wear at Sports Day, maybe they could match your outfit, or you could match them…

Click here for the colouring picture of Mira & So

Activity 2: Creating a Country

  • Mira & So would like you to create a country to represent at the Pinewood Sports Day. We want you to use your imagination and come up with a cool name for a country, it can be a funny name, a strange name, the name of something you like and is up to you.

    : This task is for pupils and parents or anyone else taking part…
  • No country can go without a flag, so your next task is to create a flag for your country.
    You can use as many colours or shapes as you want, you can use collage, pens, pencil, labels, cereal boxes, whatever, anything you like.

    : again, this task is for pupils and parents or anyone else taking part…


Please take some pictures of the flags, mascot and country names to share with us and as always, keep safe and have fun.

Activity 3 – Game 1

  • Ten Tee Time
    Open the attachment “Ten Tee Time” and record your scores. Play with and against your family.

02 – Tokyo Ten Tee Time


Activity 4 – Game 2

  • Ten on Target
    Open the attachment Ten on Target and record your scores. Play with and against your family.

03 – Tokyo Ten On Target


Congratulations – Mira & So thought you were awesome today and hopefully you can send some pictures to your teacher. As a reward Mira & So wanted to show you a short video of their friends and Pupils in Tokyo.

Reward – Click here to watch Mira & So in Tokyo with their School Friends

Well done today everyone remember and send some pictures to your teacher.

Note to Parents: If you have any trouble today viewing any of the work, don’t worry, the class teacher has also emailed you the attachments. Also if you don’t have a printer, not to worry you can draw or paint or create your own pictures too. Sports day is all about being active, creative and having fun.

PE Lesson – Wednesday 29th April

Good morning everyone,

Last week we worked on choosing picture cards for our activities. This week we are going with the same idea to let you get used to the activity. Ideally choose at least one new activity card to work to and learn.

I have added a couple of picture cards for the pupils to choose from today for PE.

1st we will start with a Warm-Up – Please Choose any 2 activities (1 new activity must be selected and you can use one youve used before) from the Warm Up Games below. Feel free to add your own choice of music too. Lets get going!!

Warm Up Games – Click here

Excellent. I hope you put in lots of effort and are properly warmed up?

Now this week we have added some Ball Games to chose from. However some of you may prefer to use Balloons, which is great. So feel free to choose what’s more suitable for you.
Now pick two activities from the below. One of the activities can be same the as last week but one must be new.

Ball Games – 7 Challenges – click here

Excellent work today, now that you are all sweaty having worked hard and had some exercise you can now relax and give your body and mind some rest for a few minutes.

To do so your next challenge is to listen to your favourite relaxing song in a comfortable position and close your eyes until the song is finished.

Not to worry if you can think of any there are a whole list of warm up activities and links to children’s music on the “Alternative to Movement” post.

Thanks for your hard work and stay safe.


Outdoor Learning – Time Travel

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you are excited about today’s outdoor learning?

Since we can’t get outdoors much just now i thought we could go back in time to 2016 and visit Pinewood School and  the surrounding areas in the local community.

Yip i did say back in time!!

Back To The Future is being rebooted - on stage, not on screen ...

So do what you can to pretend you are sitting in Doc Brown’s Delorean (car) and visit Blackburn in August 2016. (We will use google maps and the latest map you can see is from 2016)

Remember safety 1st. Sit back in your seat and make sure you are strapped in for our next great adventure. (pretend maybe by using a scarf as seat belt).

There is lots of freedom during this task however i will provide some options to help. I will list 5 places and the aim of the game is to use your computer and make your way from Pinewood School to those places listed. I have added a few links below and don’t worry if you get lost just click the link again and you will return safely back to Pinewood. Alternatively you can start at those locations and find your way back to school.
To navigate through the road maps you only need to move your mouse on the screen and click the road you would drive on. Remember its a card your driving so please don’t try and take short cuts through parks etc.. as it wont work, the car is to big.

Special Time Travel Locations
The places we are trying to find are:
– Pinewood School
– The Church
– Kim’z Cafe
– St Kent’s
– Tesco

And…….. if you would prefer to start from Pinewood School please click below.


Pinewood School,-3.6127653,3a,75y,321.4h,82.63t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sUIMLRBKCTyD9erUE4asOEw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Alternatively If you want to Start at the other locations and find your way back to Pinewood then please use the links below.

Remember: Do what you can and feel free to explore!


The Other Locations:

The Church,-3.6142239,3a,75y,352.92h,94.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sh35GunT6PsqLQ6Gzv7SIeg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

St Kents,-3.6333167,3a,75y,332.31h,84.69t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s92k3C0hZnSCueTAZy8yyJw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Kim’z Cafe,-3.6230154,3a,75y,345.8h,90.83t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4kestoSh_9D83FkYU29NcQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192



Extra Time Travel
If you are really good at driving the Deloreon then you will also see that the Blackburn Partnership Centre was just in the process of being built.

  1. Can you find out what colour the fences surrounding the building site are?
  2. How may people did you pass at the bus stops from Pinewood to the Co-op?

Most importantly have fun, be safe and be outdoors from indoors as best you can.

Enjoy 🙂


Movement Monday

Happy Monday everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the previous 4 days of movement with Joe Wicks. Today we will continue with Joe for Movement Monday.

Again this will be a short 5 minute activity to set you up for the day. You still have the option of using the cards and you can download these to help with the video should you wish.

Today’s cards to match the video 5 min Move Workout Day 1

Its important that you do what you can and adapt any exercises where appropriate. Over the coming days we will add more videos and possibly some alternatives.

The objective is movement therefore don’t stress to much if it becomes a struggle. Just allow the children to move and do what they can for those 5 minutes. The clips uploaded are just a guide.

Have fun and lets get moving!

Movement Friday

Good morning everyone,

Its Friday already, i hope you have enjoyed this weeks movement and you’ve had fun completing this at home?

Today we are working on another short 5 minute movement workout. Do what you can as always and well done for all your hard work this week.

Today’s Cards 5 min Move Workout Day 5

Enjoy today’s movement workout!