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Painting with your feet – Art

Helpful tips:  Be sure to not add too much paint – if there’s too much the paper will rip and you’re more likely to slip.  Encourage stomping versus walking, jumping, or running to decrease the likelihood of slips and falls.  Paint can be slippery – so be sure to be close by to catch your little artist if they need it.

A great activity to do outside when the sun is shining! Enjoy 🙂

Foil painting – Art

Materials needed: tin foil, poster paintings, brushes, cotton buds

This activity is great for working on fine motor skills and colour mixing. The foil gives a different surface to work on and the paint glides quite nicely on it. You can use either a paintbrush, cotton bud or even your fingers to move the paint around. A good tip is to add a little washing up liquid into the paint. This will allow it to take to the foil better and when dried will not crack and fall off as much.

Enjoy 🙂

Painting with toy cars – Art

You can create some lovely paintings using toy cars. Combining play with creating a piece of artwork. Different textures and lines can be explored depending on the scale of the toy vehicles that you use. Simply roll the wheels into some poster paint and off you go! Have fun! Below are some examples:

a rainbow:

a nice pattern:

Perhaps you could create a road and enjoy driving your car along it?

Whatever you choose make sure to have fun!

Foliage faces – Art

Can you have a go at creating a picture of a face using items from nature? Here are some examples:

If you don’t want to create a portrait then you could make your own picture. Perhaps a number or a letter of the alphabet or even just a picture of your very own.

Painting with balloons – Art

Materials needed: balloons, poster paints, paint trays, paper.


Painting with Balloons is a great activity to explore creatively and imaginatively as you create freely using simple props in an open-ended and unstructured way. It also makes a great sensory activity as children use their hands to manipulate the paint and balloons to create patterns and prints onto paper.

Partially inflate the balloons so that they are a size that the children can easily pick up the balloons. You can match your balloon colour to the colour of your paint, perhaps a good matching activity? You can mix and blend colours to create new colours. The pressing of the balloons onto the paper can either be controlled to make a pattern or it can be free and spontaneous, which personally I think is more fun!

Spray bottle painting – Art

Materials needed: spray bottles, paint (poster or water colour), paper.


Water down some paint by adding a little into the spray bottle and then filling with water and giving a good shake. For this you can either use poster paint or water colour paints. Encourage the overlapping of different colours. If you pin the paper up you will also get a nice dripping effect on the page also. It could also be done on a flat surface also.

Squeegee painting – Art

Materials needed: squeegees, poster paints, large sheet of paper


Dribble some poster paints onto a large sheet of paper. Then using a squeegee have fun spreading the paint. You get a lovely scrape effect and colours will mix also. Add more paint as you go along and as is required. If you don’t have a squeegee you could try using an ice scraper for a car or even a piece of cardboard.

Pattern and texture – Art

Using a rolling pin, is a quick and easy way to achieve repeated patterns and textures. There are several different effects you can achieve by using different materials.

Materials needed: Rolling pins, string, bubble wrap, netting, paints.

Method: Wrap string, bubble wrap and netting over the surface of a rolling pin. This will give different textures when you roll. The string, you can wrapping it around different ways to achieve varying results. Also use pieces of string to keep the bubble wrap and netting in place.

You can also create a picture of a rainbow:


Sponge bomb painting – Art

With the sun shining today here is an activity that can be done outdoors!

Materials needed: sponges, string, scissors, poster paint, large sheet of paper


 Take each sponge and cut into 4 strips.  Try to make them the same size.  Take the 4 strips and added 4 more strips on top. Then cut a piece of string to tie it with and tie as tightly as possible, cutting away excess string. Dip sponge bombs into paint and have fun throwing at the paper. Messy but fun! You could also do this with water instead and throw the sponges against a wall or fence.

String painting – Art

Materials needed: string/wool, poster paints, paper


 Dip a length of string/wool into some poster paint, keeping one end paint free. Take the string/wool and place it on your paper, either in a particular way or just as it natural wants to lie. Then give the clean end of the string/wool to the pupil and also them to pull it towards them, removing it from the paper. You can repeat this process using different colours, building up multiple layers.