Monthly Archives: December 2016

Pinewood Choir at Edinburgh Airport

Pinewood School Choir entertained visitors to Edinburgh Airport this week. They sang Christmas songs for almost two hours and raised over £500 for charity in the process, including a £250 donation from the Airport. The Charity Committee in school will now decide where the money goes. They did a wonderful job, well done to all.


We enjoyed making our abstract door pictures. We drew a door shape with lines to make it look like a corridor. You can see our finished pictures on display in school.

Strictly Pinewood

Our annual event was a roaring success as once again our pupils did us proud. Videos of the pupil dances will follow shortly but until then here is a sneak preview of what our staff get up to after school as they perform Grease.

Group 6 Xmas Preparations

We cannot wait for the Christmas Fayre. We are excited and happy because we have made lots of stuff to sell. This includes Candy Canes, Rudolphs, Santa Gift Boxes, Fudge, Coconut Ice and Aromatherapy Creams. Please come to our stall.

Class 1 and Class 3 can stay safe!

Class 1 and Class 3 had fun working together during Road Safety Fortnight. Together they learned how to stay safe when crossing roads. The boys and girls always had to remember to Stop! Look! and Listen! Please watch their video to see how great, sensible and safe they all were!

Road Safety Fortnight

We rounded off our first week of our Road Safety topic with a visit from the community police officer, PC Chris. Although no actual arrests were made Reece found himself in handcuffs for asking some difficult questions e.g. do you work for the FBI?mix-012

We designed some very colourful bicycle helmets that would keep us safe by making us extremely visible whilst protecting our brain boxes.mix-033

We used traffic lights as inspiration for our traffic light wraps…


…and we worked with our pals in Class 9 to make some road signs for our assembly.

We are sure that we are now much safer as a result of everything we have learned.