Monthly Archives: October 2016

Class 5 have been exploring seeds and harvest

Last term Class 5 enjoyed a sensory story of The Little Red Hen. In this story they had a chance to grind some wheat using a pestle and mortar.   They made their own bread hedgehogs and added seed spines.  They explored flour and water to make their own dough.  They tasted seeded bread and crackers.  Class 5 have also been spreading their own sandwiches and crackers. They also made marmalade sandwiches for Class 2 to enjoy.

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Canoeing on the Union Canal

Group 8 had a great time canoeing on the Union Canal. We have to collect and organise all our equipment. We all help each other to put the canoes in the water. We have to work together to paddle the canoes. We all had lots of fun.

Out in the Community

Group 6 went to Morrisons to look at pumpkins and buy some ingredients for cooking. We then went to the cafe for our snack.

Learn to sign “Happy Holidays”

Group 6 Dance

We are learning choreography in dance. We are working in pairs and then we practice it. At the end we perform our dances for our friends.

Busy Week

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Class 9 have had a very busy week practicing for our assembly.  Today we performed it to our friends in Pinewood and some of our parents.  We hope you like the pictures of Gerald the Giraffe who wasn’t good at dancing, the waltzing warthogs, the rock and rolling rhinos, the lions who tangoed, the chimps who cha cha’d and the baboons doing their Scottish reel