Welcome to Pinewood Class 1

Welcome to all of the new children in Class 1.  All of the children are looking very smart in their new school uniforms.

Each and every pupil has settled in extremely well. The children have been very busy during their first three weeks at school. They have:

* demonstrated their chopping skills and made yummy fruit salad.

* loved exploring the outdoor learning area, especially finding their way through the willow maze.

* enjoyed dancing to different songs using a variety of materials including scarves, ribbons, pom poms and bubbles

* sang all of their favourite songs and played lots of different instruments during music.

* had fun during sensory circuits.

* worked really hard through the tasks in their work boxes.

It’s our assembly next week so preparations are already well under way for this. The children have written and sent out their invites as well as painted beautiful scenery. Their costumes are ready and their singing is getting louder each day. Class 1 can’t wait to perform their Nursery Rhyme assembly for everyone on Friday 16th September.DSC02950 DSC03096 DSC02804 DSC02816 1 DSC03199 DSC03190 DSC03124


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