January in Class 8

How can it be the 24th of January already? 3 weeks into the new term and the pupils in Class 8 are settling into the new timetable and topics very well.

This month our main focus has been Scotland but some of the pupils showed an interest in learning more about The Chinese New Year so this week we were creating displays and eating Chinese food, the pupils in Class 8 are very sociable when food is mentioned! During numeracy lessons we are exploring money and measurement and each child has their own individual targets which they are being supported to achieve.

The class ventured out the the local library this week and all the pupils were excited to be out and about again. We will be focusing on walking independently, road safety, following instructions, choosing a book which interests each individual child, community skills at the library and many more life skills. Over the next few weeks we would love to invite parents into class for an opportunity to observe, join in and discuss the planned activities that the children are involved in. If anyone would like to join us for our weekly walk you will be more than welcome.

Respect, kindness and individualism are very important values within our class are we will continue to develop this at every opportunity! When a child is spotted being kind we have a Kindness Jar in the class and we share what they did with the other pupils and the children can post a Kindness Pom Pom into the jar. Once the jar is filled the pupils all receive a class treat which is chosen before we start filling it up. This term the pupils have voted for ice-cream, movie and crisps (see the running theme of food) I will let you know via the diaries once we have filed our Kindness jar.

I hope you enjoy the small selection of photos of what the pupils have been up to so far!

Starting Back to School

Dear Parents,

I hope you have enjoyed the summer break and had fun!  The school is starting to come alive again with members of staff preparing for the pupils returning next week. To support some of the pupils there is a Social Story attached to this post which you can read to your child over the weekend to help them understand that school will be open as of Wednesday for pupils.


Enjoy the last week off and I am looking forward to seeing P6 pupils next week.


Sam Bajo

World Book day

Today in the Willow area classes 1-4 had an open door policy for all children to experience a variety of different World Book day Activities . The pupils all coped well with this and offered them the opportunity to mix with peers from different classes and have a wider option of activities to take part in. As part of World Book day each child in the school was able to choose a book from the book swap area and the pupils in the Lion class each brought home a book to keep today. Thank you for your support with this and we hope you enjoyed sharing the new book.

The pupils will be going out in little groups to Sainsbury’s Cafe over the next few weeks so we will share photos once all groups have been. This links in with our class topic and pupils are being encouraged to order their own snack while in the cafe.

Lion Class news

Not quite sure where the last 6 weeks have gone but we have managed to pack a lot in during these last few weeks. Our topic is allowing us to explore our local community which has resulted in the class being out and about every Tuesday as well as going out on the bus in small groups on a Thursday.

Over the next few weeks our class room will have a shop in it and will be turning it into a cafe in a few weeks. We will be inviting some of the other classes in to taste some of our amazing cooked pizzas. All pupils are encouraged to become as independent as possible during cooking sessions and we have been working on our  spreading and cutting skills. We hope to invite you all to come in and enjoy our cafe too!

Pupils have been playing with and learning all about money during role play and planned activities. All of the pupils have had the opportunity to go to the shop and buy our weekly snack and cooking items handling the money, looking at the shopping list and talking to the people in the shops.

Keep an eye in the school blog over the next few weeks for more updates.

Looking forward to seeing you all at stay and play!


The Lion Team

Lion class 2019 so far…

After a whirlwind start to the term can finally sit down and share some of the exciting adventures and activities that the Lion class have been up to. Firstly would like to say Happy New year although it does seems like a lifetime ago and January is going past so quickly!  We have started the term with a mini topic on Scotland for 3 weeks and will then be moving onto our new Topic which will be our local community including cafes and parks. This will give us lots of opportunities to handle money within our class cafe (role play) and hopefully arrange a whole class trip to Edinburgh.

In the last 2 weeks we have had a new member of the team join us and she has been getting to know your children and has started to work with small groups supporting the children’s learning experiences. We are very excited that we will be introducing Play Boxes to some of the children this term and will share with you during your child’s IEP meetings what those involved. Play, life skills, fun and development are at the heart of our leaning and when planning activities we take into account all of the children’s needs, likes and dislikes. We greatly appreciate continued communication so if there is anything you would like to share, know or ask please contact us via home/school communication books or drop an email.

With the cold weather still upon us we would like to ask you to send in hat, gloves and scarfs (named if possible) so we can still take the children out and about for experiences out of the class room.

We would like to thank Reverend Stephanie for joining our class on a trip to the park, she spent some time getting

to know the children and playing with them.

Keep an eye on the Blog for updates on the Lion Class.



Winter Topic

Over the last few weeks our class topic has been Winter and the pupils have been involved in many different activities.

All pupils have enjoyed our cooking and food handling sessions this term which take place 3 times a week and we would like to thank you all for your support with this as the weekly snack money covers the cost of these experiences. We usually have the tasting sessions at the end of the day as part of our social time and it is a time to come together and share what was made in the cooking groups.

Today we had our Christmas party and all pupils seemed to have fun and enjoyed visiting the 3 different classrooms within our area.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!

Lion Class 

Baby it’s cold outside!

With the cold weather upon us we have had to miss out on some outdoor playtime as the playground has been like an ice rink. However, we have not let this stopped us from getting out and about whenever we can! Wrapped up warm we have braced the cold weather. In the Lion class we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.

This term pupils have been focusing on using large motor skills in P.E incorporating a sequence of movements and we have been very impressed with the skills we have saw during the lessons. Pupils have all worked really hard and they have all made a huge improvement with their confidence and skills.

The lead up to Christmas has been very quick and we have been trying to keep things calm with a little sprinkle of fun and magic. One week to go till the holidays and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays. Please leave us a note in the diary of some of the things you get up to over the holidays.


Lion Team