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Crafty P6s and Mrs Sheriff learn how to use Rug Hooks 15.1.19

Crafty P6s get to grips with finger knitting, using rug hooks to make tufts, natural weaving with twigs and my favourite from childhood -The Peg Doll.

We would love to have any crafters in to help on Tuesday afternoons to share skill and support our fledging knitting and weaving. Any wool donations or other resources would be most welcome. Our Wee Elves dropped in too:-))


Digital Dress Down Day

Yesterday, the Technical Troopers organised a Digital Dress Down Day to raise funds to further support digital learning in Mid Calder Primary School. Our pupils were challenged to dress up as a character from an online or digital game, an emoji or a piece of technology.

Thank you to everyone who took part and donated. We raised a fantastic £175.05 and we can’t wait to share what we spend it on with everyone.

First Term and MCPS -Let’s Celebrate Art and Creativity






































In Term 1 we had two Art trips – one to the Modern Art Gallery and the other to Jupiter Artland.

This led to many creative artworks including salt crystal paintings, digital photography and digital art using apps on the i-pads. Here is the first in the gallery of what the P5s and P6s achieved. Amazing!

P6s’ Trip to the Jupiter Artland the Best Ever!

Last Wednesday all the P6s headed for a visit to the Jupiter Artland sculpture parkland at Wilkieston.

We took the children to see the magical amethyst grotto before we met our guides for the day.

The day started  with an introduction from the Art educators Sara and Lauren and a guided tour of some of the sculptures. We split into two groups and had some brilliant discussions about the artworks and their settings in nature.

Then it was off to sketch out our design ideas to add to the wonderful meteorite-like Coppice Wood by Andy Goldsworthy. This was quite an honour as this was the first time pupils have been creating to add to this land artist’s works.

The P6s rose to the challenge and we had amazing explanations of the works as they carried out their ideas. Please ask your child what they made and what they thought about the day. Finished works will be in an online gallery soon. We had a follow-up lesson back in class digitally manipulating our photographs using apps such as Be funky, Mixala, Art Effect, Snapseed and Art Set. These are free apps.

Our teaching staff had a wonderful day seeing such engaged and enthusiastic pupils. One staff member said it was the best trip ever!


Art Winners who all were shortlisted to enter, along with 7000 others, the National Tesco Bank Art Competition at The National Galleries in Scotland  a few months ago were celebrated today at our Assembly. They created these imaginative artworks over a few weeks. They were judged by the PSWs who chose exactly whom I would have!
P1 – Oliver  created an eye-catching blue cat with spots. He has an excellent eye for detail and painted a colourful background in acrylics. He always makes very interesting choices for line and colour that are sometimes unexpected.
P4 – Isla W designed a bright, vibrant Pop Art drawing in the cat theme with bold geometric shapes. Her artwork made the judges smile with her two cheeky cats. She has shown very detailed and thoughtful drawing skills and some interesting stripy-coloured cats against a multi-coloured sky background.
P6 – Mhari  started her magical dragon with an exquisite line drawing in graphite and pencil. The theme was Makers of Magic. She drew all the scales and texture of the creature and then added some pearlescent colours such as emerald green. We all agreed that she created a beautiful beast.
All of our fabulous finalists are all on display on three boards around the school with one school-chosen WINNER on each board. Please tell us what you think. Perhaps you would have chosen another winner. Can you explain why? Why do some artworks shine for you?
As we continue to develop our art skills we hope next year to go on and win in the competition. The winners are on display at MOD 1 in Edinburgh off Belford Road. I hope to take the new P5s to see this in September 2018 as part of their outdoor workshop there. A little inspiration is all we need to BELIEVE, ACHIEVE AND SUCCEED! Let’s go from STEM to STEAM. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

STEM Workshops in Primary 6 & 7

Today, Primary 6 and 7 had a great opportunity to hear from some experts working in STEM careers. Michael from Jacobs engineering and Daniel and Rob from GE Power spoke to the pupils all about their jobs and backgrounds in STEM. Also, pupils took part in two activities to put into practice some of the concepts they had been learning about. Daniel and Rob demonstrated how to create circuits using a battery pack, led lights and play doh! Michael led a session in creating bridges using everyday materials such as paper, blu tack and sellotape.

Many thanks to our visitors and well done to P6 and P7 for enthusiastically taking part in the workshops.