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Primary Two have been learning all about internet safety.

‘I am developing my knowledge and use of safe and acceptable conduct as I use different technologies to interact and share experiences, ideas and information with others.’ TCH1-08a

Learning Intention: We are learning how to stay safe online

Success Criteria: I can create a poster show different ways in which I can stay safe online.


This week as part ‘Safer Internet Day,’ we have been thinking about different ways in which we can stay safe online. We had lots of wonderful ideas and we made our own e safety posters to show how we can stay safe when we are using the internet.

Mr Nelson.

Primary 1-3 ICT club

Over the past four weeks the children at the P1-3 ICT club have been learning from each other to:

– Program Beebot to travel along paths and mazes

– Use the paint tool in Purple Mash

– Access Sumdog

– Explore apps on our new IPads.

We have all learned new ICT skills as well as develop our communication and problem-solving skills whilst having great fun.

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House Meeting: BYOD and Internet Safety

Last week we had our first House meeting of 2016 and the House and Vice Captains decided the focus should be on Anytime Anywhere Learning (AAL), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and internet safety, as these are currently hot topics of conversations in our school.

As usual we started the meeting going over the plan for the meeting and expectations. Then the house members took part in a community builder. The House and Vice Captains showed us a video about internet safety as it is Internet Safety Day soon.

This led on to telling us about Bring Your Own Device, this is something the Technical Troopers and Pupil Council are leading. We had to create a post-it pledge to show how we would follow our school values of responsible and respectful if we became a BYOD school. The House and Vice Captains have taken these post-its and created a school crest.

Thank you to the House and Vice Captains, and P7s for organising such an interesting house meeting.

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Glow Meet with Williamston PS

On Thursday some of our Pupil Council and Technical Troopers took part in a Glow Meet with some pupils from Williamston Primary School. Some classes at Williamston Primary already use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), so we decided we would ask them some questions about their journey, including the benefits of BYOD and how they resolved any issues they came across. A big thank you to the P6s who gave gave some of their lunch time to meet with us, we have lots to think about.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Today at our Pupil Council meeting we discussed the concerns we had about bring our own device and came up with some solutions.

  1. Lost, stolen, damaged devices: We recognised that we would have to trust each other. We think it’s important that your device has a protective cover. Some of us discussed that if you brought you own devic e it is just for you to use. We would have to learn to take responsibility for our own devices and respect other children’s property.
  2. Taking photos & videos: Some of us had the idea that if you were using your own device you could only take photos of yourself and your work and you could use school devices to take photos of other pupils in your class. We discussed how you had to ask someone before you took a photo and then delete the photo from the device when you are finished. We recognised that we would have to be responsible when taking photos and videos to ensure they were appropriate.
  3. What if I don’t have a device?: ‘So what?’ -We have lots of devices and eq uipment in school that you can use. We discussed how you might want to take an old device to school with you to use.
  4. Responsible use: We thought it would be a good idea to create a contract so children remember how to use the devices responsibily. We don’t think we should use social media or texting  at school, we want to use our devices to help us learn.

On Thursday some of the Pupil Council and Technical Troopers are having a Glow Meet with the Pupil Council at Williamston Primary. They are using BYOD and we think we could learn lots of them.

Our new school devices are almost ready to use on our Anytime Anywhere Learning network … We are very excited abut the possibilities this will have for us and our teachers!



Anytime Anywhere Learning is coming to Mid Calder!

This week the Pupil Council and Technical Troopers took part in some very exciting discussions about Anytime Anywhere Learning (AAL). AAL is when we have a wifi network where we can connect handheld devices to the internet. The first stage of AAL is when we connect our in school devices such as iPads to the network, the second stage is bring your own device (BYOD) that is when we have the opportunity to bring our own devices into school.

We are currently at stage one.

The Pupil Council and Technical Troopers have a lot of research to do before we are allowed to bring our own device to school, this will begin will a consultation with pupils and parents … so watch this space!

This week during our Junior Leadership Team meeting we discussed the benefits and issues of bring your own device. Next time we will look at the issues and see if we can think of solutions. If you have any thoughts on bring your own device please leave a comment below.