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Crafty P6s and Mrs Sheriff learn how to use Rug Hooks 15.1.19

Crafty P6s get to grips with finger knitting, using rug hooks to make tufts, natural weaving with twigs and my favourite from childhood -The Peg Doll.

We would love to have any crafters in to help on Tuesday afternoons to share skill and support our fledging knitting and weaving. Any wool donations or other resources would be most welcome. Our Wee Elves dropped in too:-))


Celebrating Book & Nursery Rhyme week

Over the last fortnight we have celebrated World Book week and Nursery Rhyme week. We started with a visit from Rachel McGaw who read ‘The Kilted Coo’.  Then we were challenged to learn a different nursery rhyme every day, starting with 5 Currant Buns which we acted out. Next was  Humpty Dumpty, we had fun clapping each time we said Humpty and Dumpty. Our favourite was A Sailor went to Sea,  clapping 3 times every time we said sea or see. We finished the week with  I’m a Little Teapot and Round and Round the Garden. As a treat we invited our parents and carers in to hear our rhymes and watch the children receive their Book Bug Bags.   They enjoyed home baking and shortbread made by the children then participated in our nursery rhyme concert. It’s been a fabulous few weeks celebrating with our families.

P5’s Outdoor Adventures

Primary 5 have had a great few weeks exploring the school’s woodland areas and using the space as an ‘outdoor classroom’ for various challenges in Literacy, Art, Technologies and Health and Wellbeing.

As a class, we have been reading ‘Billy & the Minpins’ by Roald Dahl. Challenge one saw us using our visualisation skills to imagine what the Gruncher (a terrible man and Minpin-eating creature) would look like and then creating natural art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Challenge two was based our Technologies skills. We had to design and create bridges for the Minpins to travel from tree to tree. There were some magical creations!

Our final challenge was very different! We used the woodland as a setting for ‘yogateering’. Pupils had to find, memorise and repeat various yoga sequences to earn points for their team.

Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed taking our learning outdoors and hope to do more in the new year.