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P1W Digital Learning Week 2018

This week we have enjoyed participating in a lesson run by our fantastic technical troopers! They came into our class and demonstrated how to use Puppet Pals 2 on the Ipads. We then developed our tinkering and experimentation skills by trying out all the different features of the application. We really enjoyed taking pictures of our friends and making them into different characters. We even managed to create some fantastic videos, using our voices to make stories and sound effects!

In class we have also been continuing to enjoy using digital technology to enhance our learning. We have been using teach your monster to read in language. You can access this at home using your password at the front of your homework jotter using our special class link:

We have even been using Purple Mash, as part of our learning for our IDL castles context, to create patterned and symmetrical flags, decorate a castle with different types of materials and lots of other games. You can access all our castles learning tasks by visiting the purple mash link below and entering your login details at the front of your homework jotter. Then visit the red to do section at the top of the page.

STEM Competition Preparation!

As part of our Junior Leadership Team, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) group decided that they would like to learn about the construction of the new Queensferry Crossing. We spent some time in our sessions researching and watching videos around the construction of the bridge.

The children then decided that they would like to organise and run a STEM competition for the whole school as part of the upcoming British Science Week from the 9th to the 18th of March 2018.

Over the past few weeks we have been designing posters and experimenting with different ways and materials to construct bridges. We will now arrange a timetable for each class during British Science week to run the competition with each class, taking on a leadership role.

P1W get technology savy!

Learning intention:

We are learning to experiment and develop our understanding of the tinkering and programming skills when using an Ipad.

Success criteria:

I can use ScratchJr to design a simple sequence of instructions.

I can develop an understanding of appropriate behaviour and digital language.

I can experiment with and identify icons and symbols of ScratchJr.

Last week, P1W worked in small groups to develop their awareness of the tinkering and programming skills while using ScratchJr “Under the Sea” on the Ipads. The children worked as a group to experiment and play about with the different symbols to control the movement of each of the four sea creatures. Each group reported and fed back to the class about what they had discovered about the different symbols and buttons. Then using what they had learned they created a simple sequence of instructions for their chosen character and shared it with the class.

Some of the children were able to work out not only how to move the character but how to make them grow or shrink, disappear and re-appear and change the speed of their movement all by using their tinkering skills! Well done P1W!