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Crafty P6s and Mrs Sheriff learn how to use Rug Hooks 15.1.19

Crafty P6s get to grips with finger knitting, using rug hooks to make tufts, natural weaving with twigs and my favourite from childhood -The Peg Doll.

We would love to have any crafters in to help on Tuesday afternoons to share skill and support our fledging knitting and weaving. Any wool donations or other resources would be most welcome. Our Wee Elves dropped in too:-))


WOW! Wonderful Writers in P5 Working Hard on Adventure Stories.

Wondrous P5 Star Writers!

P5 Star Writers wowed us with their descriptions of scary settings. They were working on giving more detail in their descriptions. They did this by writing about what the setting looks like and the colours that the character sees. They were trying to put in the thoughts and feelings of their characters too.

We are all working on core targets of using capital letters and full stops in every sentence. We could try and create longer sentences using conjunctions such as and and but.

We listened to a good model for writing and adventurous tale that was called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It would be a very good bedtime story to listen to.

Please ask them what happens in the middle of their stories and get them to tell you what happens in their visual story maps that they have made as we will be working on that in the forthcoming weeks.


Lively Sculptures at Gallery Trip.


National Museum Of Modern Art

Monday 8th October 2018

On Thursday 13th September Mr Renshaw, Ms Brolls And Primary 5 went to the National museum of modern art. Each pair got a ipad see primary 5 could take pictures of modern art. We Got Split Into two groups. Half went with heather and the other half went with poppy. We went to see lovely outdoor sculptures. There was one were people thought was either a penguin. Some thought it looked like a black bottle. Next we went to see  a huge green grassy Mountains. It had small lakes. It was a beautiful day. There was a beautiful sculpture it looked like a mermaid. When we were walking past the playground and we thought some things were like sculptures. There were light blue huge rocks. There were tall ones and small ones. They were in  different shapes and sizes. They had gold pieces. It looked like they were on a piece of paper and printed it on. There was lots too see

Later in the day we went to modern gallery 2 (MOD2). Before we went to walk across the road there were one other sculpture it was this metal person sitting on a rock. It was close to the road. You had to look around the corner. After we walked across the road there was a sculpture. It was like a sign. It was glowing. It Said ’ ’There will be no miracles here. We went inside the building. We went up these wooden stairs. Next we got in too a room. In the room we got in to groups and partners. I was with my best friend. We decided to make a goat with a fox. We used Sharp pencils, oil pastels, scissors, navy blue foil, cardboard and a bamboo stick. After we all had lots fun we had to tidy up. We went to the field there was a sculpture it was like a wind mill. But it was made out of very thin triangles. Then we went back too modern gallery 1 (MOD1) we collected our food and went outside. Me my friend and some boys went to a hexagon we could sit inside it. It was raining we went inside. We had fun and we were laughing. It was a very nice day. Some people stayed outside and the other children went to see more art. When we came back again. Different children went inside we had lots of time to play. There was heavy rain we all enjoyed the rain. Later on we had to go in the bus. We waited for a while. The other children were collecting art work. It was raining a bit less than earlier. I was a bit upset. Our Sculpture was missing. My Friend was also upset. We worked very hard on it. We went on the bus we enjoyed our time. We were on the bus for about an hour. We eventually got back. It was nearly home time. After we got packed and went home.




Bloggers in P5 – First Post for Sophie

Ever        Going      Be

Things           To       Alright!

Hi it’s Victoria and Harper. We went to The Modern art galleries. We went to MOD1 and MOD2 let’s see what we did! First we got off the bus (we all do that right?) When we got there we were greeted by two ladies their names were Poppy and Heather. We also got split into groups I was with Heather so was Victoria. Miss Brolls came with our group too.

First, we went outside and all of us looked at this big hill. Me and my partner took some pictures of stuff like this big penguin it was really a woman. We all couldn’t believe it. Then we went over to MOD2 where we made sculptures. Leah (my partner) made a pie looking art work I loved it! We went outside to play and meet the other group.

Then, we had lunch yay then Miss Brolls took us to Raqib Shaw and it was so cool seeing his art he had two dogs in all of its pictures. Finally, we got to go back to the park to have a little play while the others saw his art.When they came back and we all played together it was so fun.

I will add some picture to show you!

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