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A quick look at some of the things that P1a have been doing this week!

This week we had a visit from Rob and Gavin from Tiny Tales. They brought along their guitar, fiddle and accordion and everyone enjoyed singing, clapping and dancing to their super Scottish songs and music as well as learning about the instruments.

We have been working very hard practising our fine motor skills.  As you can see in the photographs we concentrated really hard to make these super necklaces as part of our phonics work for the sound ‘n’.  Originally we were supposed to thread nine pieces of straw on to the string ( because nine also begins with ‘n’)  but some of us were enjoying the task so much that Miss McDermott just let us keep going!!

Every day we also practise our pencil control and this also take lots of concentration!

Friday, however, is our Golden Time day and this week lots of us enjoyed the dressing up box.



P1a’s first team challenge – bridge building!

In honour of the Queen coming to Scotland to officially open the new Queensferry Crossing today, P1a undertook their first team challenge – to work in small groups to build their own bridges.

The children were not allowed to choose their groups or the materials that they were given.  They had to work together to build one bridge per team and as you can see the results were super – well done everyone!

P1a Learning Update – 3rd Sept

This week as part of our numeracy learning we have been learning to play some number games. As well as practising our counting these are also good for practising skills such as sharing and turn taking and of course they are good fun too!

We have also been practising our cutting skills and using scissors safely.  We made snakes and cut out squares which we then tried to put in order from smallest to biggest – which was not as easy as it first seemed!

On Friday we enjoyed taking part in “Let’s Move” drama activities which was all about people who help us.  Miss McDermott was very impressed with our good listening skills and partner work especially as this is just our first week in P1!

P1a Update – Monday 28th August

This morning P1a were able to show Miss McDermott who was in class by removing the T shirts that we made with the buddies on Friday from the washing line and putting them in the basket.  Miss McDermott was delighted that everyone was in class again after the weekend!

Today we had an Incy Wincy Spider theme in class.  As well as reading a story about Incy Wincy Spider we sang the song and made our own spiders which were very tricky to cut out!  This week one of the sounds that we are learning is “s” for spider so we had to look for the sound and listen for “s” words in the story. Mrs Bennie has made a giant web just like in the story so that we can display our spiders on the wall.

Here we are enjoying lunch with the buddies!

This afternoon we learned about a little boy called Kipper.  He is in lots of the reading books at Linlithgow Primary School.  We coloured little cards with his picture and his name on to help us remember him. Haven’t we done a good job?!!

Our first Friday in P1a!

On Friday P1a were delighted to be joined by the buddies to complete a small task.  We designed T-shirts for our self registration washing line so that Miss McDermott doesn’t need to read the register out every day to know who is in school.

Here we are hard at work!

If you look at our blog again next week you will be able to see the finished washing line!

Cluster K’Nex Challenge

A fantastic morning with Primary 6 pupils from all cluster schools coming together to take part in a Cluster K’Nex Challenge. The teams had to construct a wheelbarrow to carry a house brick through a challenging obstacle course.  The wheelbarrows were all tested in the gym hall and the ‘ladder of doom’ ended the fate of many of them. All of the teams did a brilliant job and a huge well done to Winchburgh Primary who constructed the wheelbarrow which was the most successful.

Our team of master constructors and their model, well done boys.