Wraparound at BEYC

Wraparound care is open from 11.05am to 5.30 pm. Children who stay for lunch must bring a healthy packed lunch.

Afternoon wraparound Snack is coasted at 20p per sitting.

Wraparound  snack money is completely separate and is additional to the nursery snack money.This should be paid directly to the wraparound staff at the beginning of the week as it is needed to purchase wraparound snack for the week ahead. You can also pay for the whole term.

All Wraparound Care is charged at £3.86 per hour.  Users should register for the number of hours required.   There is an annual Registration Fee of £20.00.

Working Families Tax Credit

Application forms are available at the Inland Revenue Centre in Livingston telephone 08453003900. Eligibility is according to income.


Where wraparound care is near another school, escorting may be available.  Team leaders will explain local arrangements.


Sometimes the wraparound children will have the opportunity to make a visit away from their  centre.  Such excursions may be charged and signed permission slips will be required. Staff undertake a risk assessment for each visit.Please remember that the children may not be in the centre if you come to pick your child up earlier than your registered hours- i.e during school holidays the children may be at the park etc. However staff will display a notice informing you of this and the wraparound mobile telephone number.

If you are interested in Wraparound Provision please contact the Early Years Childcare Pupil Placement Team at the Civic Centre for availability, on 01506 280000 or e-mail pupilplacement@westlothian.gov.uk .