Supporting parents and children to learn together.

PEEPLE (previously PEEP) was set up in 1995 to support parents to enhance their babies’ and children’s learning and development and improve their life chances, particularly in disadvantaged areas, but is now available widely across the country.  At BEYC Mrs Frame co-ordinates and facilitates a range of PEEP groups;



The evidence-based Learning Together programme supports all parents to create the best start for their children by making the most of everyday learning opportunities at home – listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing stories and books. Spotting the opportunities becomes second nature:
playing copying or peekaboo games with your baby,
– singing songs or playing I-spy with your child on the bus, in the car or on a walk,
– chatting with your baby or child at their level about things that interest them, while shopping or doing the housework.
Spending time with their parents and carers in these ways helps children become confident communicators and active learners.

As parents and carers you obviously do lots of these things already, but no-one thinks of everything! PEEPLE is about valuing and building on what you already do – sharing ideas from parents, practitioners. One of the main predictors of how well children will do at school is the number of words they hear in their first two years of life – so talking and sharing books, stories and songs from birth help enormously. Playing with homemade playdough is fun but it also helps develop children’s finger control, which is important for writing with a pencil later on. Understanding how they are helping their child in such simple ways makes it more likely that parents will do it more often.

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Bathgate E.Y.C. PEEP / Baby Massage contact details are ;
Fiona Frame– Nursery Nurse – Telephone 01506 776234