Learning at Home


Adventure Ted

Adventure Ted is an ideal way for you and your child to spend some quality time together. Ted can be used to communicate ideas and interests between you and your child, where learning begins.

Encourage your child to discuss where Ted could go for an adventure and talk together about how exciting Ted’s adventure could be.

Record Ted’s adventures by drawing and / or writing on the enclosed Adventure Postcard sheet. If you have a camera at home you may wish to take a digital photograph and return it with the postcard and Ted to the nursery on Monday.

Your child’s group lady will encourage your child to recall Ted’s adventures and talks about the drawing/ comment/ photograph with their friends at group time.

Ted’s adventures will be displayed on the wall in the foyer and then stored in a special diary which will be kept at nursery for all the children to browse.

Remember adventures can be anything from a family tea; a trip to Tesco; a walk in the park or to the local shops etc.

The whole idea of this project is to encourage talking and listening which will in turn improve your child’s language and communication skills.  Adventure Ted will also start after the September weekend.

Enjoy your time with Adventure Ted!

Story Sacks

Our Storysacks enhance are another fabulous lending resources which aim to extend the children’s interests and enable parents/ carers to support learning with a variety of resources which have been specially chosen to develop specific skills linking to the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE /3 – 18 curriculum).

The Storysacks /Curiosity bags cover a range of favourite stories and topics. Each year we try to some more titles to our collection. A catalogue is provided for you to look through before you make a choice with your child – photographs show the contents of the bag.

Parent help is essential to operate this service at the beginning of the Thursday and Monday sessions. If you can help please let Mrs Todd know.

The bags are loaned on a Thursday and returned on the following Monday session. Each colour group gets the chance to borrow on a four weekly rota.

Storysacks contain a number of items, which will include some of the following;

Books – fiction and /or non fiction

Soft toys / puppets

Small world toys


Items of interest

A notebook for both your own and your child’s comments is also provided for you to tell us what you thought about the resource and any suggestions for improvement.

Without parents support this wonderful resource cannot operate, please speek to Mrs Todd if you can help.