Health Promotion

Bathgate Early Years Centre – A Health Promoting School

Bathgate Early Years Centre is a Health Promoting School. This obviously includes the issues of healthy living and healthy eating. In line with local and national guidance all children are offered a healthy snack every day at nursery along with a drink of milk and/ or fresh water. Fresh drinking water is very important for all children, parents and staff and this is available from the cold water taps throughout the nursery.  We follow local and national advice on nutrition; NHS guildlines ‘Setting The Table‘. Healthy snacks include a daily choice of fruit or raw vegetables along with other little snacks e.g. biscuit; cheese; yoghurts etc. There is a statutory snack charge which is included in the donation of £1.50 per week.  (Please refer to the Wraparound Information Leaflet for details of charges for Wraparound snacks etc).If your child has specific dietary requirements identified by your GP/ Consultant please let us know and we will take these into consideration when preparing our menu for the week.Snack time also provides valuable and enjoyable learning experiences, which develop many important social and manipulative skills.  Health promotion encourages children, parents, staff and the local community to work together to promote overall health and well being.  BEYC focus on topics including Road Safety, Promoting Good Hygiene, Healthy Eating and Exercise. Our Link Health Visitor is Elaine Stuart.  If you wish to contact her through the centre please speak to Mrs Todd.

The ‘Wash Your Hands Of Them’ website is particularly useful to raise awareness about hand washing and reducing the spread of germs with children.

Wash Your Hands of Them


At Bathgate Early Years Centre we promote good practice in Road Safety with our children, their families and the nursery staff and hold a ‘Walk to School’  focus week in the spring term, but Road Safety is taught and consolidated throughout the year at nursery.

When we go out on local outings we will encourage the children to be highly aware of traffic and how to cope safely outside. This includes the important message of “Always hold hands with an adult when you are outside”. This will be reinforced in the nursery in role-play, tabletop games, and discussions, displays, visits from relevant people in our community. Lothian and Borders Road Safety Unit also play a very important supporting role and have already assisted with advice about pedestrian and car access to BEYC.

Please remember that you are your child’s first educator. It is your responsibility to make sure your child is safe when they are in your care both at home and travelling to and from school.

Access to the nursery has already been mentioned in the brochure. If at all possible please walk to nursery and try to take the safest route. Be aware of the dangers of parked cars and moving traffic around the nursery at all times. The Staff Car Park is for staff use only.

‘Go Safe! Ziggy’s Road Safety Mission’

An introduction to Ziggy
Ziggy is the lead character in the innovative Scottish Government approach to Early Level Road Safety Education.
Why is early year road safety education important important?
The road environment still represents the single highest cause of death and injury to young people in Scotland. Road Safety Scotland is currently developing an innovative new approach to road safety education for young children from birth through to the early level of Curriculum for Excellence.

How will Ziggy work?
This approach has been influenced by research, consultation and recent scientific insights into early brain development. It aims to inspire, involve and motivate children. Just as importantly, by working across curricular areas and involving multi-sensory learning, it is also geared to engage the adults involved in children’s lives who look after and educate them.
The multi-media approach encompasses key aspirations of the Early Years Framework and the Curriculum for Excellence. It aims to encourage and inspire experiential learning through partnerships between home and educational settings. It recognises the importance of early intervention in developing positive attitudes and behaviours for life; enabling children to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

There are lots of good ideas and suggestions for children , parents and staff on the Ziggy website:

Go Safe With Ziggy


Your child is given the opportunity to participate in a Tooth brushing Programme at Nursery. The programme will be supervised by Nursery Staff and is supported by ‘Child Smile’, Lothian Primary Care NHS Paediatric Dental Service .

Your child will be given a toothbrush for his/her own use which will be replaced regularly.

A fluoride toothpaste in line with current Scottish National Guidelines will be used (1000ppm) .

If you do not wish your child to participate in this programme , please inform the Nursery .

Brest feeding Friendly Centre.

We are working towards achieving a Breastfeeding Friendly Nursery award in the new year  and will keep you up to date with our progress.

Becoming a Breastfeeding Friendly Nursery