Eco Schools

Bathgate Early Years Centre is a recognised Eco School, achieving our first Green Flag Award in June 2010. We were delighted to receive our fourth Green Flag Award in February 2017.  Eco schools is an international programme designed to encourage whole school action for the environment. Mrs Ola, Miss Heenan and Margaret are this sessions Eco schools coordinators and are currently working with the children to complete our environmental review to decide on new topics to work on over the next two years.

Eco schools encourages children, parents, staff and the local community to work together to tackle a variety of issues including;


Waste Management




Health and well being

Food and the environment

Malawi bottle top collection

As well as these we are continually raising money to improve and develop our garden and orchard.


At Bathgate Early Years centre we encourage children to care for and take responsibility for their surrounding environment and to develop a sense of ownership and pride in the nursery and the centre grounds.  We believe that children should actively contribute along with their families and all staff in creating an environment that is not wasteful of energy or materials and that is caring about the health and well-being of themselves and others.


Each child should be aware of the importance and significance of looking after their environment.

Each child should be given opportunities to take on areas of responsibility for looking after their environment supported by the staff and parent/carers.Each child should be provided with opportunities which develop a sense of pride and identity within the school and wider community.

The Eco agenda should be an integral part of Focus Group meetings within the school to encourage awareness and to take forward ideas and initiatives on behalf of the whole centre community.

Bathgate Early Years Focus group – Eco Agenda Position Statement

Staff work with parents and children to identify and discuss relevant issues on a regular basis.

The focus group meets at least twice  monthly but sometimes more frequently if they are involved in a project, e.g. Litter Management.

Rag Bag Textile Collection

The ‘Rag Bag’ recycling scheme has been developed to provide regular fundraising for schools, clubs, nurseries and various organisations UK Wide.

The scheme increases awareness about textile recycling and by increasing recycling rates we can help the environment by ensuring less material goes to landfill.

The scheme is completely FREE and the bursery will be paid for every kg recycled. We can raise hundreds of pounds with every collection made!

Our next Rag Bag collection is TBC.  Bags can be collected from nursery.

The children recently collected over 900 vouchers from the ‘Morrisons Let\’s Grow‘ campaign and are now looking forward to collecting our new resources. Look out for them coming back into the store soon!

Our Eco Schools Song

(sung to the tune of Frere Jaques)

Take care near roads,

Take care near roads.

Oh don’t you,

Oh don’t you.

Stop and look and listen,

Stop and look and listen.

We will too,

We will too.

We love gardens,

We love gardens.

Oh don’t you,

Oh don’t you.

Plant some trees and flowers,

Plant some trees and flowers.

We will too,

We will too.

We love being healthy,

We love being healthy.

Oh don’t you,

Oh don’t you.

Exercise and eat right,

Exercise and eat right.

We will too,

We will too.

We recycle,

We recycle.

Save it for the future.

Oh don’t you,

Oh don’t you.

Save it for the future

We will too,

We will too.