Stay Play and Learn

Thank you to all parents and carers who came to Stay, Play and Learn last week.  We hope you all had a lovely time finding out just how busy the children are at nursery.  Thank you to everyone who completed an evaluation form.

Van Gogh Sunflowers.

The children were very interested in looking at the sunflowers that were growing in the garden and then on display in a vase in the nursery playroom recently.  We then moved the vase of sunflowers to the indoor and outdoor art areas where children chose to use them as a visual aid for painting and creating mixed media representations of sunflowers. Children also studied pictures of Van Gogh’ Sunflowers artwork  to learn more about the technique and the work of artists.


LIT 0-09a    LIT 0-21b   EXA 0-02a  EXA 0-05a   EXA 0-07a

End of Term Party fun

We all had a super time at our end of term parties with Peter Merlin. We enjoyed dancing, singing, parachute games, party food and especially liked watching the magician playing tricks on the nursery ladies.

We also said good bye to Mrs Mathieson today on her last day and thanked her for looking after the afternoon purple group this year.

The staff would like to wish all our families a lovely summer holiday.

To families returning after the summer we will see you on Wednesday 19th August 2015.

Good luck to boys and girls who are moving on to Primary One.  Please remember to pop in wearing your school uniform and visit us all at nursery.

Goodbye Mrs Hay and Welcome back Mrs Lynch.

On Friday we said our goodbyes to Mrs Hay.  We had a fun morning dancing at the Smartboard then presented Mrs Hay with lovely flowers and a special card at home time.  We have loved having her as acting Head Teacher at Bathgate Early Years Centre and wish her well on her new post at Balbardie Primary School.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The children have been learning about Chinese  New Year over the last few weeks at nursery and wraparound through a variety of multi-sensory activities. We think everyone will agree tasting Chinese food for a special group snack was the most enjoyable experience!

The wraparound children worked extremely hard to plan and create a fabulous Chinese dragon.  They searched the internet to learn about Chinese dragon dances and put on a super show while we ate our noodles and prawn crackers!

Have  a look at our photos to find out what else we have been doing to learn about  Chinese New Year and celebrate the year of the Sheep ………


HWB 0-10a   HWB 0-13a HWB 0-19a HWB 0-29a HWB 0-30a LIT 0-04a LIT 0-14a LIT 0-21b EXA 0-01a EXA 0-05a EXA 0-09a  SOC 0-15a RME 0-06a  SCN 0-12a






It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Bathgate Early Years Centre……

The boys and girls are practicing all the songs for this year’s Nativity ‘Jesus Christmas Party’.  We have 12 to learn! Hope you are practicing at home too!  It is lots of fun dressing up as Nativity characters and playing in our stable.  Rehearsals are now in full swing and we are looking forward to having our audiences watch us perform.

We have been busy decorating our Christmas tree and making decorations for our Christmas party house, dancing to Christmas music, reading Christmas stories, playing Christmas puzzles/games and playing with Santa and his reindeer in the sparkly sandpits.  We are also working hard in the art area to make a ‘surprise’ to take home to our families at the end of term (ssshhhh).

We are having ‘planning meetings’ to decide on what food, music and games we would like at our end of term Christmas parties.

Next week (Monday 8th December) we will be making our own Christmas cards and the nursery Christmas Post begins for one week.  Please remember to just bring one card for everyone at nursery as we are an Eco School.

RME -01a         RME 0-03a         LIT 0-01b         LIT 0-11b         LIT 0-07a     LIT 0-16a        ENG 0-17a    ENG 0-12a       LIT 0-13a        LIT 0-21a             EXA 0-12a      EXA 0-14a

Ice Explorers

At the beginning of the week we discovered icy patches on our playground and frost all over the grass as temperatures dropped.  We have been experimenting with water by leaving it in various sized and shaped containers to see if ‘Jack Frost’ will turn it into ice overnight.  We then added paint to water to make rainbow ice.

HWB 0-11a LIT 0-04a MNU 0-11a SCN 0-05a

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