Keeping Safe Online: Try at home activity 1

During this time technology has been at the forefront of keeping us all connected. Your young children may now be accessing and interacting with their devices now more than ever. Although we are so grateful that these devices, websites and apps exists the key important message of using them safely and responsibly must be emphasised to our young learners.

Harry the Hedgehog and Miss Collins took part in a try at home activity lesson from

First of all together they watched Episode One – Watching Videos (Click here to view video)

They then discussed how Jessie felt scared and had a worried feeling in her tummy when the crocodile appeared unexpectedly on screen. They sang the ‘Funny in my Tummy’ song and had a chat about what the lyrics meant. Who could be a trusted adult in Harry’s life? Harry then drew Miss Collins as his trusted adult, knowing that while using his device online if he saw anything that upset him he knew Miss Collins could help.

After watching the video can you also have a chat with your child about their feelings and draw a picture of their trusted adult/s. We would love to see their drawings or hear any important online safety messages they took from this activity, please share via twitter @WLBEYC or their learning from home tab on their Learning Journal.  

Please click this link to download full activity sheet… 

During this time we will continue to share useful online safety activities and try at home activities in the meantime please have a look at these websites for helpful online information and tips  covering a range of ages…
www.Childnet 3-7 Year old resources


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