Real tools & Woodwork

At Bathgate Early Years we ’embrace risk in a positive sense rather than limiting valuable experience’.

Over the past week the nursery staff have been working alongside the children to asses the risks and benefits of working with real tools in nursery. Some of our Pre-school children could remember how they kept themselves safe last year and shared this with our Anti-Pre children.

‘Daddy’s got a super sharp tool, I’ll be careful with the saw’

‘That’s a ginormous screw, It’s sticking and picks things up (Magnet)

‘Daddy had a big nail in his tyre’

‘If i’m not careful I could cut my finger off’

‘Put goggles on’

‘If you have your goggles on and the hammer hit your eye, then your eye would be okay because your wearing glasses’

‘We be responsible by picking up the nails when the magnet to tidy up’

‘We need glasses to keep safe’

‘My dad has a saw’

‘Why should we keep the tools down low?’

‘We could hurt someone’

‘Where should we put the tools when we are finishes?’

‘We put it back on the bench’

‘We could trip over it’

‘You could cut yourself’

‘You could hurt someone, my pops has a hammer and he fixes things’

‘We need to share and be nice to others’

‘Keep tools on the bench so no one trips up’

Later that day the afternoon children were faced with challenge to remove a door which required real tools…

‘We need the screw drivers’

– ‘That’s pointy’

‘We don’t need the saw’

‘I am strong, I can help’

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