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Connor’s mum pays a visit

The PM nursery children were very pleased to have a visit from  Connor’s mum, who brought microscopes,mini beasts from the sandpit and shells to see up close. She also managed to produce some glittery designs for us to admire.


Thank you : )

Nursery Health Week

The nursery have been really busy with activities and trips this week.

Our trip to the zoo was very exciting and interesting as we went on a Bug Count to see how many bugs we could find.






We also saw the lions and bears as well and lots more.I think everybody had a good time and thanks to the ladies who helped, hope they enjoyed their day too.

Here are some photographs from all our happenings this week. We have lots of photographs on the plasma screen in the cloakroom if you have the time to view.


The nursery also went to the Bellsquarry Park for fun on the swings.

Mrs Ahmad also came into the nursery to do some movement with the children. We all thought it was very good and enjoyed the final Health Week activity.


Tomato Planting and more……

We have started planting in the Nursery and are about to put some peas out into our garden. We are also about to plant potatoes, hopefully these will grow just as well as they did last year.

The nursery children have already grown some sunflowers and placed them in the surrounding garden.

We are also on the lookout for soil for the children to dig in. If there is anyone with any contacts regarding top soil, please pass this on to the nursery staff.

Thanks to Mrs Gordon for giving us the tomato growing pack. The children have planted tomatoes to take home. As soon as they have started to grow they will be sent home to be nurtured. Happy tomato growing.


Thanks to all the help and support from all our parents/carers.

The next bake sale will be on Tuesday 9th May.

Dates for Graduation, Sports Day and Teddy Bears Picnic will follow shortly.




Nursery Week

We celebrated Red Nose Day by either wearing our pyjamas or some dots and spots. This is our afternoon children all dressed up.

The morning children decided they would try to build a house with pallets. They shared the resources together and decided to use the tarpaulin for a roof. It was really interesting the way the children organised themselves around each other.


In the afternoon the girls decided they would try some fishing, using canes and string.


The week was extremely busy as usual and the children are following their own ideas and activities which increases their  ability to learn and problem solve in their own way.

We are looking forward to our Spring walk this Thursday  and having our snack outside as well.

Hope you can come and join us!

Nursery Visit

Nanda came to speak to the nursery children about what she did as a minister for the community. The children were very interested and both sessions asked her questions and listened well.


This is a little look at how we are planning with the children. Just two examples of how we use the children’s ideas.

Thank you to our Facebook Parents’ Page for  fundraising ideas , we will probably start using some of them straight away.  A baking stall for example could be started up if not every week maybe every fortnight.


Remember there is an open door policy in the nursery, if any parents/carers have any time to spare or a talent you could share with us, please feel free to share it with us.




Mrs Mann and that cold, and the day we read the Jumble Bum

Mrs Mann had a cold last week and the children in the PM nursery  decided she would become their patient! It was such a good example of our play in the nursery we decided to put all  our ideas in our floorbook.                                                                                                               20170222_132319

We were also very excited about a book called the Jumble Bum which we had read during the week, the children became very interested with the content of the book and it was excitedly read by groups of children acting out the pages and enjoying the antics of the Jumble Bum.

20170223_113214 20170223_112909

We also created beautiful artwork of hills and rainbows.

20170223_135018 20170222_132351

Also all the dancing, listening to stories, making sure our friends were ok and wondering if a tambourine might balance on our head.

20170223_144754 20170222_135740 20170217_115758 20170223_114842

A new counting game was introduced and everyone was keen to use it, so lots of turn taking and sharing.


World Book Day is on Thursday, if any of the children wish to dress up that would be great.

Thank you to the ladies who are helping us with our library.

Also if there is anyone interested to come into the nursery to plant with the children or help  making extra outside raised beds as our space is limited where to grow food. We are also on the lookout for more pallets!



East Meets West – Parent Council Event

The Parent Council organised a very successful ‘East Meets West’ event on Saturday night at the Scout Hall.

It was a fun social event which brought together women and children from the local community.

There were stalls selling perfume, candles, scarves, jewellery and lots more. There was some Bollywood style dancing, henna hand painting and delicious eastern food.

It was well attended and we would like to thank the parents who worked hard to ensure that the event was a success. Well done!

img_0626 img_0628

img_0631 img_0633



Nursery News

Thanks to all our parents who came to our bingo night,it was very enjoyable and I think everybody had a nice evening. Mrs Shaw again very kindly offered to be our bingo caller and made sure we all were kept on the right track as regards games and such like.

Meanwhile in the nursery………..

The children have been enjoying using the Beebot and learning how to programme it. It has been everywhere, even in the water!

20170202_1137101 20170202_1103231

Making bird feeders for outside

.20170131_1415421  20170131_1414071

Making beautiful drawings and writing names and words.

20170202_1006311  20170131_1146101

Using the play instruments to become dentists.