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Theatres in Schools

Primary 3 – 7 had a brilliant morning watching a performance of Jason and the Argonauts with Theatres in Schools.


Safiyyah – I liked when both of them were ‘fighting’ in slow motion.

Harry – I liked it when they opened the boat up. It was exciting!

Sairah – I liked the part when he met the princess, especially when he slapped his hand away when he went to hold it and said ‘not on the first date!!’.

Xavier – I liked when he always talked about Spiderman.

Zoe – I learned that you can push yourself a little bit further.

Mia – I learned that you need to include people.

Poppy – I learned that everything in life isn’t easy to do.

Zahra – I liked the part when he was persevering in going forward rather than going home.

Deeksha – I liked it when he got the gold cape and the crown.

Willow – I liked that the characters never gave up.

Elsa – I liked the part when they were getting the golden cape and there was a dragon.

P7 Time

Primary 7 have been learning how to calculate duration and distances per second using lots of different activities and resources. They can now confidently time an activity using a stop clock or iPad timer and use these results to calculate more answers to problems.

P4 Finance Wizards!


Today we had a visit from Caroleann and Sabina from Lloyds Bank to help us to think about finance and budgeting. We worked in groups to put together a budget using bank statements to give us information about salary and bills. It was hard to calculate how much money they could save but we used brainpower and calculators to help!