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This week in Primary 4

This week in Primary 4 we have been thinking about how and why people can save water. We used our literacy skills to create our own persuasive water posters. We were trying to encourage people to save water rather than waste it.

In maths we have started to use chimney sums to help us to add bigger numbers. We learned that it was really important to lay out the sums correctly.

As it is Remembrance Day on Sunday and 100 years since the end of the First World War, we have been thinking about both of the World Wars. We learned that poppies are used to help us to remember the men and women that gave their lives during the wars. We found out that poppies grew on the battlefield. We also heard about some of the celebrations that people had at the end of the war.

Primary 4

Yesterday afternoon we were busy developing our creativity and art skills. We were practising using oil pastels and watercolour paints to make our own water lilies pictures. We mixed colours to make backgrounds for our paintings and are looking forward to adding our detailed water lilies next week.

P4 Orchard visit

This afternoon we went with Eilidh from The Woodland Trust to Bellsquarry Woods to visit Bellsquarry Orchard. First of all we looked at some of the things that other classes had done at the Orchard. They had planted apple trees, decorated a fantastic bee hive, created bug hotels and planted a hedge around the outside of the Orchard. After that we worked in groups to write poems about lots of different trees. Finally we looked for different types of bugs. We remembered to put the bugs back in places where we thought they would be happy. We really enjoyed our afternoon at the Orchard and are looking forward to going back!

Imaginative Writing in P4

This week we have started to plan our own imaginative stories. We watched a video clip called ‘Soar’ to inspire us. The video was about a little girl and a very tiny boy who were trying to design their own plane. We have made storyboards to help us to plan our stories and are looking forward to writing them next week.

Scottish Maths Week in Primary 4

This week was Scottish Maths Week so we have been busy doing lots of different maths activities in Primary 4. Some of the highlights that we remember include:

  • the ‘Bedtime Maths’ event on Wednesday afternoon – we worked with Primary 2 so that we could tackle lots of different challenges and problems. We really liked the problem about shoes and pyjamas!
  • designing our own circle patterns – we had to use rulers to draw overlapping triangles and create a pattern. It looked like there was a star in the middle.
  • ‘365 Penguins’ book – we listened to the story which was about a family that got one penguin each day for a whole year! We worked in groups to solve some problems based on the story. One of the problem solving strategies that we used was to draw a diagram. We had to draw pyramid patterns to organise the penguins.

Primary 4’s First Week

We have had a very busy week in Primary 4 so far. Some of the things that we have really enjoyed include writing and drawing our summer holiday postcards. We are looking forward to seeing them up on the wall in class. We have also been brainstorming ideas about what makes an excellent pupil and have started to create our ‘Perfect P4 pupil’ posters. In PE we played drama games, team games and even did some relay races. We liked it when we got to choose from our fast finishers list and lots of us decided that we wanted to create our own underwater pictures.

Primary 5 Enterprise

We have been working hard this week to get our board games ready to present to other classes. Along with creating our actual games, we have also been making powerpoint presentations, writing scripts, designing posters and even producing business cards. We are really looking forward to showing off our games and finally getting to play them!