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This week in Primary 5

This week the school held the Scottish poetry competition. Three people from each class performed their poem to the school. The entrants from Primary 5 were Cameron Day, Dean Finlay and Fraser Strange. The boys all gave excellent recitals of ‘The Circus’ poem, especially Cameron who received a certificate for first place.
We have been creating posters to advertise the maiden voyage of the Titanic. We discussed information that we would need to include on our posters, for example the leaving date and the price of the tickets. We also thought about designing our posters so that they would persuade people to buy a ticket.
In German we have been learning different animal names. In order to practise these, we have made picture cards that we will be able to use to play animal pairs.
Over the past few weeks we have been learning some Scottish country dances. The dances that we have practised are The Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow and The Dashing White Sergeant.

Robert Burns Poetry

This week we have been learning about Robert Burns and some of his most famous poems. We looked at Tam O’Shanter and wrote a summary of it in our own words. We also used our imaginations to illustrate part of the poem.
In PE we have started to practise hockey skills. We have used real hockey sticks and have found out how to hold them properly. We used soft the sticks to control hockey balls as we moved them around cones.
Beth Kidd

This week in Primary 5

In literacy we have been looking at maps of Scotland and plotting routes on trunk roads. We used these routes to help us to write detailed directions for people visiting Scotland. We have also been using our research skills to find out more about Scottish towns and cities. We are going to display the information that we have found in powerpoint presentations.
In maths we have been learning how to multiply by 10 and 100. We found out that you should not simply add zeros; you need to move the decimal point!
We have been learning new ceilidh dances. This week we practised the Dashing White Sergeant. It was lots of fun but very tiring.

Primary 5’s Story Books

We looked at and read a selection of children’s storybooks in order to find out what the books had in common. Most of the books had easy to read text, similar storylines and lots of colourful pictures. We then planned and wrote our own stories. We turned these into mini books by adding lots of detailed pictures. Earlier today we read our books to the Primary 2/1s. We received excellent reviews from our storytime!

Coming up in Primary 5…

This week in maths, we have been working with different amounts of money. We have also been looking at methods that can help us to add and subtract money.
We had our first gymnastics lesson with Mr. Hunter for this term. We are going to be working collaboratively to create our own sequences. The sequences are going to include different balances and rolls that we will be practising.
In art we have started to plan and create partridge calendars that we will sell at the Christmas Fayre. We also had a discussion about some of the other products that we might make and sell at the Fayre. We have decided that we will need to cost the materials for the products before making final decisions.