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Nursery week

Great excitement in nursery on Friday as the solar eclipse hit the skys. We had a look at the effect the change of light had on the nursery garden and how it changed the temperature outside.
Some of the boys in the nursery have been building fantastic spaceships in the construction and tranferring skills to make their own at the junk modelling table. Some designs had the boys trying to solve the problem of how to make certain parts move within their model, very tricky!
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The garden area has been very busy epecially since the grounds have changed around. The mud kitchen and digging areas are extremely popular. Some of the children have already suggested what kind of plants they would like to grow in the different areas.
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Nursery Week

In the nursery this week we celebrated World Book Day. The children were invited to dress as a character from a book they enjoy reading, some children even brought their books into nursery to share. All stories were enjoyed at group time, and some were an interesting read! Here are a few of the children dressed up. Can you guess who they were?
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Nursery News

The nursery has been very busy recently making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and celebrating Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed learning how to make pancakes and Mrs Baxter’s pancake mix was particularly good!
We also tasted some tastes from China with our vegetable spring rolls and noodles with sauces and dips,delicious!
There has also been lots of pirates in the afternoon nursery and some in the morning who have been searching for treasure and looking for all things piratey “Ahoy me hearties!
We had another great dance session with Amy where we were being pirates, dancing, singing and moving to different music.
We have also been planting in the nursery in preparation for Spring!
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Nursery news

In the nursery this week we had excellent dance sessions on both Wednesday and Friday. The nursery was visited by Amy Shevlin who encouraged the children to dance, act and play musical instruments all under the theme of Winter. The children performed very well and were very excited and enthusiastic.
We hope to see Amy again soon!
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Snow at last!

The children were very pleased to see the snow had arrived in the nursery garden. They were able to build a snowman and have fun feeling how soft the snow was, and how different the garden looks when it is covered in a thick blanket of white.They also did some experiments with the snow and ice to find out some properties of water. The children made sure the birds were fed and this reminded us how difficult is for birds and wildlife to find food in the winter epecially when the earth gets very hard.

Also, a BIG thank you to all who learned the Burns’ Day poem, the children were given home.They all sounded great!

In the Nursery

We are looking forward to another busy session in nursery.The children are looking round the garden for any signs of winter and how birds or animals survive and how we can help them.
We will celebrate Burns’ Day and Chinese New Year.
This will take the form of listening/dancing to music,eating different foods and learning a small poem for Burn’s.
Last session we had a lovely Christmas Party with our entertainer Peter Merlin. We thought he was very funny.

In the nursery this week.

This week in nursery we had a return visit from the fire fighters for the morning children.They let some of the children who wanted, to try on their protective clothing! It was very exciting. Once we were outside they allowed us to use their fire hoses to put out a pretend fire.
We also had PC Spencer who came along to tell us about being safe on the road and let us see all the different parts of her uniform.Some children were very interested and wanted to wear her jacket to see how heavy it was.

Finally on Thursday/Friday we had a Superheroes day which was to help raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust which is a cancer charity in aid of young people.This day was particularly important for our nursery, as Calum one of our children is recovering well and hopefully will be able to return to nursery soon.

Autumn in the nursery

The nursery children have been very busy in the nursery over the past few weeks. We have been making soup, bread and jam to encourage the children to appreciate Harvest, and how growing our own food is important. We also went on a lovely woodland walk to show how the seasons change, and to understand the wonderment of nature, and search for any woodland creatures that might be there!

Finally we had a dressing up day for Halloween, where all the children who wished to, dressed up as their favourite story character or scary Halloween character.We ‘dooked’ for apples and had extra special jelly for snack.