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News from P1

We have had a busy week discovering how bread gets from the field to the table and learning about the celebration of the Chinese New Year!
We created 3D pictures using lentils, pulses and grain to make a landscape.
We made cards for Chinese New Year and, in technology, we made mobile snakes to hang from our ceiling!
A good but tiring week as pupils were all rubbing eyes and yawning this morning.
Have a super weekend, everyone.

Please click on the following link to see what we will be up to throughout this term.

P1 Term Plan

All About Scotland

This week, we’ve been enjoying learning about Scottish symbols and Scottish dancing. Ask a Primary One pupil, which two dances we learned and to name five Scottish symbols. I am certain they will be share their learning with you!

We also had a special visitor on Tuesday. Mrs Beveridge came to introduce us to Daisy-Belle. Daisy-Belle is a porcelain and wooden doll that has been passed down from Erin’s great, great, great Grandmother.
It’s been a wonderful week in P1.

A Week in Primary One

Primary One would like to share some of the things that they have been learning about this week.
Maths – In maths, we learned about time. We used digital and analogue faces to recognise ‘o’clock’.
Literacy – In literacy, we are learning to build sentences.
Topic – We are researching about toys, past and present. Pupils brought in examples of both to share with the class.
RME – We are thinking about what happens in a family when a new baby arrives.
Social Studies – We completed a map linking toys to their countries of origin.
Rights Respecting – We talked about ‘needs and wants’ and learned about six of our rights as children.
PE – We started Scottish Dancing and we learned the ‘Military Two-Step’.  We were excellent at it.

Wow, that is a busy week Primary One! Well done.

Happy New Year from Primary One!

We are so excited to be back and starting a brand new year! During the first couple of days, we all brought our favourite toy to share with the class. Mrs Gaspar gave us questions, in advance, so we could answer them during our presentation. She said we all did an excellent job. This was our big launch for our new topic about ‘Toys’. We spent some of the week researching about toys in the past and comparing them to toys in the present. Some parents even managed to send in toys from when they were little for us to have a look at. It has been a great start!

It’s That Time of Year!

Primary One has had an exceptionally busy week and as we were reflecting together, these are the things that they wanted to share with you.
Firstly, these little stars performed the Natvity three times with incredible success each time! They were, though, extremely tired when the last performance came to an end.

They then went on to a wonderful afternoon at the Panto watching Aladin. They were all very pleased that the ‘baddie’ turned into a ‘goodie’ in the end!

Today, we have settled in to make some personalised Christmas cards for the classes and school staff. Each pupil is creating a Christmas symbol using their very own finger prints. Funnily enough, they don’t mind getting their fingers dirty.

We would like to wish one and all a happy weekend! See you next week.

P1 Assembly

Primary One presented their first assembly this week! Our theme was all about being a good neighbour.

Pupils worked hard to prepare a drama, speaking parts and a song. They also showed their fantastic ‘Children in Need’ posters that they made for homework.

Some skills that were developed included speaking loudly, clearly and with expression.

Pupils enjoyed using the microphone so they did not have to shout.

They did a fantastic job and we already have discussed what we can do to make our next assembly even better!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

A Week in the Life of P1

Today, Primary 1 decided that they wanted to share five of their learning experiences from the past week.
1 All the pupils gave super recounts of their October holiday.
2 The pupils heard the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and we talked about ways that we can be good neighbours even to people we do not know. We hope to transfer some of this learning to our assembly next week.
3 We made positive/negative relief pumpkin pictures with Mrs Roy. They were great fun!
4 We finished our number booklet to 10 in maths and will be ready to start our Scottish Heinemann maths workbooks next week.
5 In literacy, we used letters to build cvc and some four letter words

So, it has been a very busy first week back!