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First Weeks of Primary 6!

Hello everybody! In our first few weeks of Primary 6, we spent lots of time getting to know each other, our new teacher and our new upper school responsibilities. We have designed t-shirts all about ourselves and had lots of fun talking about our summer holidays. Take a look at our emoji themed class charter display. In order to create this, we discussed expected behaviours in our class and school and then picked what UNCRC articles best fitted our classroom. By making our own emojis, we have agreed to follow and respect these rules and rights. Miss Easton has made one too!

We have been trying to keep physically healthy in P.E. by participating in team building games, fitness circuits and in-class exercise videos. However, we have also been working on keeping our mind healthy by participating in Growth Mindset activities about perseverance and determination.

In Literacy, we have started our class novel study on the book ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio. It is about a boy called August who has Treacher-Collins Syndrome. We have been exploring different character personalities, emotions and questioning. In Numeracy and Maths we revised important vocabulary and answered questions to refresh our knowledge.

Other things we have been learning are:
-Social Studies (The Jacobites) – we discussed what we wanted to learn in this topic and worked as a class to find out when the Jacobite uprising occurred. In Art with Mrs Martin we have been exploring facial features and have started to design portraits which will link to our topic.
-Science (Electrical Circuits) – we revised the symbols for equipment in an electrical circuit. We also spoke about complete and incomplete circuits. In the next few weeks we will hopefully get to use the equipment to test it out!
A big well done to Anna and Taylor for being awarded the first certificates of the school year!

We are looking forward to taking on new experiences and challenges in Primary 6.
Alix and Kaitlyn